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Monday, November 1

BLOG 8: Our last blog! A historic or political figure!

I am sure you all have a political or historic figure that has affected your thinking or your life or your community and society. Please share him/her with us!
A good link for historic figures is here
Henry VIII


shoegirl1010 said...

There have been many people who have played a large role in my life and helped me become the person I am today. However, I consider the Mirabal sisters to be my personal role models. Patria, Minerva and Maria Teresa Mirabal were three women who during a period of turmoil and horror, defied to the most evil dictator in the history of the Dominican Republic- Rafael Trujillo. The sisters were from an upper class family. Once Trujillo took power, their family lost everything. Minerva, who is my personal favorite, was in law school when she refused Trujillo's sexual advances. He then ordered the school not to allow her to obtain her law degree. This prompted her to join an anti-Trujillo movement called the Movement of the Fourteenth of June and later recruited her sisters. This was extremely dangerous since resistance members who were caught were often imprisoned tortured or brutally killed. The sisters quickly became very inspirational to many Dominicans and an integral part of the resistance and earned the nickname "Las Mariposas" or "The Butterflies".
Patria, Maria Teresa and their husbands were incarcerated and tortured for months. Regardless of the fact that Trujillo stripped their family of everything, tortured, and raped them, the Mirabal sisters were still openly defiant of Trujillo's regime. On November 25th, 1960, on their way back from visiting their husbands in prison, they were met by some of Trujillo's men. The three sisters and their driver were strangled and clubbed to death. The ordered hit was covered up to be an accident but the public was not fooled. Most of the historians consider their deaths as a pivotal point in the fall of Trujillo. These women inspire me because, in the face of adversity, death and chaos, they stood up for what they believed in. They fought for their country and their freedoms. Even after death, they managed to inspire a country to revolt against tyranny.

Lauren said...

The only historical figure that I have really looked up to or that has affected my life would be Queen Elizabeth 1. To me, she was a very powerful leader and helped unite the people of England with some of her note worthy speeches. But, the one thing that makes her a top historical influence is the fact that she never married. Considering the time era and the views of marriage at that time, I find this very interesting and reassuring. A lot of the women I know and a lot of whom are in my family consider a woman’s top accomplishment is getting married. I like the fact that here was this great political figure and leader of a country-for one she is a woman and two-she had no man by her side during her reign. It just comes to show the people of that time that yes, women do have brains and are capable of making the same decisions as a man. Two of my favorite quotes from her are “I have the heart of a man, not a woman, and I am not afraid of anything” and “Though the sex to which I belong is considered weak you will nevertheless find me a rock that bends to no wind.” To see that she was strong when there were many dogmas/beliefs/opinions about her sex being weak is impressive to me, and there by earns my respect.

Bryon Bewsher said...

I am an avid reader and listner of music so I have a large number of writer and musicians that I look up to. I read all kinds of material but my favorites are books based on history. Whether fiction or non fiction, I like them. I spent a number of years reading accounts of the Second World War that gave inside stories from all sides. I would have to say, based on these books, that the man that I would look up to would be Frankilin D. roosevelt. He took over the United States presidancy in a time when the country was revished by the Great Depression. He was elected and immediatly set in motion a series of Bills and Amendments that aided the country to getting back on its feet. Though it was slumping again by the time japan attacked Pearl Harbor, he joined the forces that were trying to push back enemies on all fronts. he was elected four times, and I believe he would have been elected another term if he had lived lived longer. FDR was a strong leader and a revolutionary thinker for the United States in my opinion!

yulia8na said...

One of the greatest women that I admire and have never been disappointed in with her words or manner is Maya Angelou. She is an autobiographer and poet who is highly respected as a spokesperson for women and African-Americans. Maya Angelou can be described as a poet, educator, historian, best-selling author, actress, playwright, civil-rights activist, producer and director. Her books are centered on themes such as identity, family, and racism, are often used as set texts in schools and universities internationally. She was faced with many hardships even at a young age. At age eight she was sexually abused and raped by her mother’s boyfriend and became mute for nearly five years after the incident. Another point in her life she slid into a life of poverty and crime and worked as a prostitute. During the sixties she worked with Malcolm X and Martin Luther King with civil rights organizations. Since the 1990s she has made around eighty appearances a year on the lecture circuit and has been awarded over 30 honorary degrees and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. I consider Maya Angelou as an inspiration for me because through hard times and great adversities she still became an inspiration to millions by her poetical words and meaning.

Bryon Bewsher said...

I do have another person that I would consider one of the most influential women in U.S. history. Her name is Helen Keller. I am visually impaired, so when it was time to do a semester long study of historical time periods, I did a study of Helen Keller and the Americam Federation for the Blind. She was born able to see and hear. When she was three, she lost the ability to see, hear and eventually to annunciate words. When her teacher, Ann Sullivan came to work with her, she (Ann Sullivan) had a really difficult time until she broke through to Halen. Ann taught Helen to speak words by writing letters, and eventually full words and sentences, in her hands. Then, Halen would place her other hand on Ann's mouth and nose and say the letter or sentence. After fifteen years of teaching, Helen went to college and was the first woman to graduate from radcliff university. She still coould not hear or see. After her graduation, she toured the world giving speeches with Ann on how to overcome personal setbacks and raise funds for the veterans of both world wars. Her hard work and dedication set the standard for millions of men, women, and children for generations.

Jayme said...

I believe that Margaret Sanger has made the most impact on my life. She fought for the right of women to have birth control options. She helped to give women to option to choose not to get pregnant in a time where women were generally not allowed to have a voice or a choice. She helped to form laws and clinics which helped to distribute and educate the female population on their options.
Without her determination, I would not have had the choice to wait for a family. Women need to have the ability to have a protective sex life and not get pregnant until they are ready. Also, women have had a long struggle to be educated in regards to their health, sexuality and reproductive health.

I look back through my own family and see how each generation has changed. My great-grandmother did not inform my grandmother about her body. So then my grandmother did not educate my mother about her body. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take a sexual education class in the sixth grade. This was my first understanding of how my body worked and how to take care of myself.

I feel that if it had not been for Margaret Sanger the lines of communication would not be open to women about their reproductive rights. Also, even with the strides we have made within our county many reproductive issues are still being debated.

So I thank Margaret Sanger for my right to go into a store and buy condoms without judgment or my partner’s permission. I also thank her for having the right to talk to my doctor about my options and being respected and listened too!!!

Jayme said...

yulia8naI love to read Maya Angelou as well. I am a fan of hers on facebook. She posts inspirational thoughts and information about her works. One of her previous statements that I really enjoyed was; “I think sometimes that many of us need to have our hearts torn out. Because we need to be reminded that we don't live by bread alone, that we do have hearts. And we are supposed to be movable. I mean when somebody says you moved me, we should all be moveable. We should all be movable when we see misery, discomfort, a need in another human being. We turn away, that's when should turn back and say that's a human being, just like me. “

Chantal said...

Initially when I read this post I couldn't think of one political or historical figure that has truly influences me simply because I feel the everyday people I know have more of an influence on me such as my mother, grandmother and a few other people I know. But ironically I am also taking an American History class, and I would have to say thatI don't necessarily feel they influenced me but I am getting a deep respect for, and that is Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife, Eleanor. The more I read about him the more I admire what he tried to do for our country. He may not always have made the best decisions but through his various attempts it seems his goals were to help the people. The reason I say this is thru the Great Depression he implemented alot of programs to get people to work. Although many did not suceed, he did try to do what he felt was best for the people. I look at today's unemployment and it is so devastating that I have to wake up and thank God I don't have that to deal with (of course I have enough other issues to deal with. But as I read and I have a couple of patients who lived through this time and they have all said working gave them peace of mind from all that was going on and this man created millions of jobs. Then with WWII how he tried till the end to keep us from being part of the war. It amkes me have a deeper respect for him

shoegirl1010 said...

Bryon, I am completely in agreement with you. I think that FDR has been one of the most influential presidents in our history. He had a tough presidency due to the attacks on Pearl Harbor, WWII and not to mention Congress opposing him. He still managed to initiate our social programs which are very detrimental to a lot of people now. In the face of such adversity, he managed to bring a country together and bring it out of ruins. Not to mention that he is the reason why the constitution was revised to limit the term of the presidency. I think its a pretty powerful statment, when you made such an impact that the other party feared he would stay in office forever. Good pick.

Bryon Bewsher said...

They both did amazing things for the every day person in the country and well as for the soldiers when they returned from WW2. Eleanor did a lot of work with the veterans as well as with the disabled, maybe because FDR was disabled for part of his life. I have to say that FDR also spoke like a president. rerely did he sound as though he was not totally convinced of what he was saying. Our Presidents in the past couple pof decades seem to cast the inpression that they don't know what was written and that they are reading it for the first time when they get to the podium. Kennedy was a good speaker as well, but FDR spoke froim his heart and had mostly the righth intentions.

Anonymous said...

The person that I would sa has influfluenced me the most is American psychiatrist Robert J. Lifton. He is known for his studies on political violence and totalism, which differs from totalitarianism. Totalism is an ideology by an individual, as to where totalitarianism refers to governments. I definitly recommend reading about him. His first studies were of the effects of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, and he wrote a book entitled Hiroshima in America, among many. He is widely known for his Eight Criteria on Thought Reform, and they are 1. Milieu Control 2. Mystical Manipulation 3. Demand for Purity 4. Confession 5. Sacred Science 6. Loading the Language 7. Doctrine Over Person 8. Dispensing of Existence. He also has conducted numerous studies into cults and related psychology. Another very influential person for me would be MIT linguistics professor Noam Chomsky. If none of you have ever heard him speak of US Imperialism or related subjects, I highly recommend it. He popularized the term "manufacturing of consent". He has way too many accomplishments to list here, so I definitely recommending Youtube Noam Chomsky. You will learn more from him than any other person in history, I might argue.

Lauren said...

Helen Keller is a great one too. I really admire her determination and drive to accomplish than many things she did with her ailments. The things she did are hard alone and to think that she had other factors against her, truly makes her an amazing person. Everyone else’s posts are great too-the Mirabal Sisters, Maya Angelou, FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt (who spoke one of my all time favorite quotes- “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”).

Robert Smith said...

I’m not so much into having role models or following people footsteps, but I love to listen and read about inspirational stories of successful black men. The first book I ever took time to read was biography of Benjamin Solomon Carson. Ben grew up in substandard conditions in Detroit. As a child in school he was in the bottom toll of class and was sometimes subject to ridicule from his fellow classmates. In middle school Ben began to view himself as being different from the rest of the boys in his neighborhood who were committing crime. Ben realized he had likes in the science world and pursued his heart. Ben ultimately graduated from Yale in 1973, and enrolled School of Medicine at the University of Michigan. Later he graduated with his medical degree. This guy life is an inspirational story to me. I too come from the same side of life as Ben. Ben struggled with a bad temper growing up which caused him to get into a lot of trouble. In middle school I had a bad attitude problem and I couldn’t stand to be wrong or not get my way. After reading the bio I began to reevaluate my life and stop making excuses for myself. I often blamed my environment for actions and settled for that. Now with his inspiration and several other motives I have a purpose in life to achieve.

Robert Smith said...

Bryon, Music has been a historic in my eyes. I listen to music for the message as oppose to some who listen to the artist. Some songs I feel like it was made just for me because the strong connection of the message and my life. I often times just drive and listen to music for a stress reliever. If an artist is speaking from the soul in his music, I have a silent bond with them and I will support every project they do. There has only been a few artist who I really appreciate.

Bryon Bewsher said...

Music has saved and changed my life many 2times. If there is a song that touches me, I listen to it over and over, even trying to learn the basic chords on guitar. Musically, i like all types as long as it inspires. That can be inspiration for good and bad though. It is an in the moment type thing for me when it comes to music. I play electric guitar, acoustic and I have played drums, various types of percussion , saxophone and cello. My father played guitar and my mother playes piano; my brother is a DJ int he Tampa area. Music is in our family and it has been a great part of my life. I can put on a Beatles song and sometimes get the same feeling as listening to Slayer, then listen to Norah Jones(listening to her now) and nhave the hair stand up on my arms and legs. I love live music as well. If there was a musical idol blog, that would get a lot of cool responses I think

Junglist said...

I would have to say the historical figure who has inspired me most is Benjamin Franklin. Franklin’s work in so many different areas is what I find truly inspiring. While helping to guide our country he did not neglect his scientific inquiries. Ben was the first to label electricity with the terms positive and negative in relation to their charge, as well as the conservation of charge. He also contributed to experiments in cooling by evaporation after noting that he stayed cooler in a wet shirt on a hot day rather than a dry one. Franklin was one of the few to support the wave theory of light when most scientists disregarded it. I find Franklin’s approach to life refreshing and somewhat cavalier at times. I think this is why his story appeals to me the most. He always stood up for what he believed in and took positive action wherever he could.

Junglist said...

Bryon, I too find music effects me greatly. There is nothing like having your mood bolstered by a certain tune or song. In reading some of the musicians you listen to I find a kindred spirit as most people do not have such diverse musical taste. When I was in high school I played the double bass in orchestra and have grown to include things like jungle and drum and bass in my musical likes category. And sometimes only Johnny Cash will do. Keep playing and listening.

Liz A. said...

I believe the most inspirational historical figure to me is Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa performed many miracles in her lifetime, but that is not the reason why I admire her. I admire how she had such faith in people. It takes a lot of courage to trust and believe a stranger. It is a lot easier to be suspicious of them, which in many cases people are more inclined to do. It is very difficult to open up to people and trust them until you get to know them very well. Yet Mother Teresa had faith in people in general. She believed there was good in everyone. I hope I can continue to see the good in people just as she did. Sometimes it is difficult to trust someone you just met. It is easier to judge a person and think the worst. I enjoy reading Mother Teresa's story because it reminds me that I should look beyond a persons' looks and to find the good in them.

yulia8na said...

It was interesting to read your post especially since I don’t recall hearing about Robert J. Lifton. Because of your post I did read more about this psychiatrist and indeed he is quite knowledgeable and influential.

I also think the story of Joan of arc is influential. Her courage, strength and faith led her to defend her people, and being a women did not stop her from fighting for what she believed for. I also admire her greatly.

Margeux said...

Ah, what a good last post topic :) There are lots of historical figures who have made me think the way I do, but a certain high school teacher helped me develop my own political views and ideas. Mr. Wood was my wonderful high school economics and government teacher. His class was always the most fun. The beginning of each class started off with classical music and a little history lesson about the artist. I liked that personal touch to his teaching style and this alone has made me adore that style of music. He posed questions neutrally regarding the chapter we were on and encouraged us to discuss and debate intelligently and politely. Mr. Wood got all of his students excited about participating in politics and made all of us register to vote without swaying us by his own political views or party affiliation. In the election that has just past, Mr. Wood ran for a seat in Florida's House of Representatives; I was proud to vote for him. Paired with being naturally curious, Mr. Wood helped me understand how politics work and encouraged me to educate myself on all issues. This attribute can be applied to my life in general as in I crave learning (educating myself). Mr. Wood may be a small-town political figure, but he has definitely been the one who has affected my thinking, and life, the most.

Margeux said...

Bryon - Both of your choices, FDR and Helen Keller, are great. Former President Roosevelt did so much in the form of legislation to get the country up and going again after the Great Depression. He was very popular, and I agree, I think we would have been re-elected again had he not passed. Helen Keller proved something unthinkable was actually quite possible if hard work and determination were applied.

Isaiah Merritt-Harris said...

I admire Franklin D Roosevelt for his actions during a time of economic crisis and world war. He initiated programs, like the New Deal, to relieve the Great Depression, create new jobs, and reform. He dedicated his entire presidency to helping the American people. President Obama's presidency is much like FDR's time in office, as Obama is burdened with repairing an ailing economy, and creating legislation to increase the number of jobs and quality of healthcare. Not only did he improve the American economy, he strengthened international relations.
FDR demonstrates how a true leader supports his country, and how we as citizens need to work together to improve our conditions.

Another historical figure I admire is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His dedication for human rights and equality is admirable and heroic. If it were not for him, racism would probably still be prevalent in today's society. He died for what he believed in, and it is really sad to know that he did not live to see his dream come to past. Dr. King showed us how to love one another and not to judge a person's character by the color of their skin. I hope one day I can make a difference in the world like these admirable gentleman.

Isaiah Merritt-Harris said...

yulia8na, Maya Angelou is a great historical figure. She has written many uplifting and inspiring poems throughout her life. Her words are from her own life experiences, and it is interesting to read some of the things she has gone through.

Nicholas Kieper said...

I think that if I had to choose a historical figure that has affected my views, I would pick the entire band ACDC. I know this sounds weird, but up until the age of nine, I was a country music fan and that was all that I would listen to. Around that time, my aunt bought me an ACDC cd for Christmas. Their music was completely different from the country music I was used to. Over the following few months, I started to listen to more and more of their songs. This got me very interested in the classic rock genre of music. I started searching out more and more bands. This was during the start of Google and there wasn’t nearly as much in the way of music online as there is today. It was as if I needed to hear more music, different songs, different artists, and anything classic rock. I loved this genre of music because it was different and there was so much variation inside this single genre. Up until this time I had learned to play the guitar, piano, and trumpet. Listening to this music made me get back into the guitar and I started playing the electric bass as well. From there, I continued to move on to more and more instruments. I learned to play the cello and violin next. I know these don’t sound very classic rock but I was so interested in music that I wanted to learn any instrument available to me. I started playing the bass in the jazz ensemble band at school and had a lot of fun. I think that my interest in music musical instrument would have never evolved the way it did without ACDC.

Ben Sigal said...

Since we are finishing up our time with our French companions this week, I figured I would list who I think was one of the most important 20th century figures. He also happened to be French. His name was Jean-Paul Sartre and his philosophical teachings have changed not only my perception, but the who worlds as well.

Sartre lived from 1905 to 1980 and represented the cornerstone of Existentialism. This form of philosophy, at it's most basic, believes that truth as we know it is only truth to the individual and so truth is subjective. For existentialists, it all comes down to the experience.

The reason why I look up to him, even though I do not fully agree with his works, was he was a challenger. He challenged his upbringing by becoming a Marxist in place of his Bourgeois family. He challenged the Nazi's during WW2both in service and in underground writings. He also wrote a piece called "Anti-Semite and Jew." In this work he tried to get to the root of Anti-Semitic irrational, or as some have put it, prove it to be rational. Coming from a Jewish background myself, I am still fascinated with this work and I am challenged by his intelligence views.

There are many, many people that I could write about. In making Sartre proud though, I would say it is truly hard to respect any of them since I have only read of their lives and their works, but I have not experienced the person's themselves.

Anthony said...

A historical figure I admire is Franklin D Roosevelt the 32nd President of the United States. One reason I admire him is that he didn’t let adversity keep him down. Despite being stricken with Polio and left unable to walk without braces or a cane, he still went on to become not only governor of New York City, but also the President of the United States. During his time as President FDR would push forward his New Deal, which would begin pulling America out of the Great Depression. Later he would face and lead the country the country through the Second World War, uniting the Allies in their efforts to stop the Axis powers. But he wasn’t just focused on what was in front of him, he also looked towards post war and the recovery afterwards. Sadly though, he would die in office 12 April 1945, only a month away from Germany’s unconditional surrender. The reason I admire FDR is not only was he a great leader, but he looked past what was just in front of him and seemed to take in the bigger picture. He also refused to let things keep him down such as his unfortunate case of Polio.

Anthony said...

In response to Junglist. Benjamin Franklin did a lot, not only in the scientific community but in politics as well. During the revolutionary war he spent much of his time in France working hard to gain their support for the colonies. He even signed the Treaty of Paris that ended the war, before returning home to America. Compare his political efforts to those of his scientific ones and he seems like a great person indeed.

Brandon said...

A political figure that has changed my life would have to be president Obama. He has inspired hope in me as well as millions of other people. Because of him I know that I can do anything. Before him I had very low self-esteem, I was poor, fat, and stupid. Now I feel better than every republican and every democrat is on my side so my self –worth has never been higher. Because of him I now have hundreds of dollars in my bank. Because of Obama I lost weight and gained muscle. I feel confident and sexy now. Since Obama became president I’m smarter than everyone else and I know what’s best for my country. All those dummies who didn’t vote for Mr. Barrack Obama are a bunch of racists and I feel sorry for them. Because of all his change I now have a new car, a beautiful girlfriend, and a great relationship with my family. I pity all the ignorant rednecks that dominated the primaries last Tuesday. Don’t they know that by not voting for the democrat they’re destroying all the hope and change that Obama has spent the last two years working tirelessly for? Obama should stay president for life so our hope can be forever, besides I love seeing colored man in office.

Brandon said...

To Lauren:

Queen Elizabeth I was a good choice. She is probably my second favorite for all of the same reasons. You go girl!

LaSandra67 said...

I would have to say that a historical figure that greatly influence me in my life is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I feel that through what I have learned from his teachings as well as from what I have experienced as a child through those who were and are a member of the Nation of Islam it has helped me to beomse a better person towards my relationship with God, my family, my people and the world as a whole. From coming from a background of fear of others who were not my race, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught black people that they had just as much right as anyone else to be alive. He reminded us that we were children of a most high God. He understood thee plight of black society. He also told us that since we were that we had to do for ourselves. He taught us no other race race was responsible for getting Black people back on our feet. It is our job. He taught the women that as procreators that we were just as responsible as the men in uplifting ourselves because how we raise our children determines much of what society will get. I have have the opportunity of traveling with the Honorable Louis Farrakhan who is a student of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I have never known him to be other that what many of you have seen own television. He is committed to the work of raising black people to a level of self sufficiency. That is hard work. Elijah Muhammads words maybe a bit hash for many to swallow when one first read them but he spoke the language that black people understood at that time. One thing he said that sticks with me is to accept my own and be myself...a beautiful and intelligent black woman. My grandfather told me before he passed away to listen to that man and I have. I have no regrets. My grandfather also said that his words would awaken the people, not just black but everyone on the planet.I have heard of Imams in the middle east that fought with him and when it was over the imams submitted. So regardless of what many may think of him Elijah Muhammad is a powerful black man. Even Martin Luther King broke bread with him before he passed.

Joel Thomas said...

I would have to say that a historic figure that I have always thought was very influential is Dr Sigmund Freud. Freud was an Austrian neurologist that studied the human brain throughout all of Europe in the late 1800's. By studying the human brain Freud developed a theory that humans have an unconscious in which sexual and aggressive impulses that surface throughout out daily lives. Freud's theory has been studied by many psychologist and psychiatrist even until today. I think that with the lack of technology that it is very impressive that Dr Freud was able to dream up this theory that is still used in the medical practices today. I think that Freuds theories and ideals help pave the way for psychiatry as we know it today. Although I have not read too much into the theory of Freud's unconscious impulses, I would venture to say that it would be interesting to study. Freud was influential as well as controversial and created and new approach at trying to understand the personality of humans. I think that in the long run Dr Freud has helped a lot of psychologist with their patients in developing his theory of the unconscious human mind.

Joel Thomas said...

Queen Elizabeth I is quite an influential historic and political figure. During her reign most women at that time in Western Europe did had little or no rights. Queen Elizabeth was said to have gone against the grain a lot of the times and did not always agree with mostly male dominated country. I also like the idea that she went through her reign without ever marring a husband to become king.

Christina said...

I am proud to say that Nelson Mandela is a huge and influential political figure of mine. A man that was accused and sentenced to life imprisonment for his country, can turn around and became President of it. Keep in mind it was as black in white as I state it. But his complete journey and overall message upon how he was rebelling against his country's regime is just amazing. It's Nelson Mandela, a man who became a potent symbol of resistance as the anti-apartheid movement. He also was a complete activist of human and racially equality, and honestly to be on the for-front of such movement in AFRICA nonetheless, is just respectfully astonishing. If anything what I have admired about Mandela is fighting for justices for all people, no matter the skin color, no matter what tribe or regime one has loyal to. We all can have a commonality of respect for one another and cohabitate in a non hostile environment. Although it seems I'm speaking in a utopia language full of flowers and utter peace, unfortunately that's not the case. Mandela made huge strides in his country more than any man before. And that's why I hold him highly. Still today his still making a difference.

Gabrielle C. said...

@ Brandon: I find it a little silly that you have run on and on about how Obama has changed your appearance and self confidence and I'll assume that it's because he is the first African American president; However, you bashed the Republican party and its supporters for not voting in the Democrats favor and not once in your post did you state any reason why Obama's policies are as good as you claim. It seems to me your reasons are only based on race and ignorance.

ivanflowers said...

I would have to say that the political figure that has changed my life has to be President Barack Obama. When I was younger having a black president was one the biggest joke; no one thought it would happen. I did not think so at least not in my life time. When Obama became president it made me see how far we as a people have come. My Mom would always say” I hope to see a black president before I die”; I was so happy that she got her wish. My daughter always come home and would have a comment about the president and for her a black president is the norm. Just seeing that makes be believe that she will have a brighter future. Today I can look at my daughter and tell her anything is possible and actually mean it, I would have to thank president Obama for that.

Anonymous said...

To Christina, Nelson Mandella is a major person who comes to mind. He created a council known as "The Edlers". There are many great people on the council put together by himself. Read into it Christina. Just search- The Elders

To Joel Thomas, Great choice! I might argue that Freud is probably one of the most "influential" people in history, or his ideas at least. One thing that you have to keep in mind when dealing with Freud's theories are that the majority of his patients/clients were young wealthy aristocratic women who were, it is argued, sexually depraved from their workaholic husbands.

To the people who admire Obama, I love that a black man is the president. But it seems as though you are getting your news from our corporate media. He is a Wall Street lap dog who supports the Establishment. He is not for the people. He has carried on this war and even sent more troops into Afghanistan, and I was in the 82nd Airborne Division. He promised to end the domestic surveillance programs by the NSA, but he has only bolstered them. He has done nothing for our economy but transfer over $20 Trillion to the wealthiest in our country. This isn't opinion, it is fact. Go to Democracy Now to get your news, not CNN, Fox, or MSNBC, which I might add is owned by General Electric. Have none of you ever heard of the Bildergerg Group or the Trilateral Commission?

Gabrielle C. said...

An incredibly influential person who has inspired me in many ways would have to be Oprah Winfrey. She may not be a historical figure yet but she will go down in the books for her achievements and success. As a child Oprah was molested by men in her family for years. After she successfully fled from her mother's household to her father's, she was able to fulfill her true potential. She was an honor student who eventually went to college. During college she was picked up to broadcast and one thing led to another where she established her self named show. Oprah was not about to go down the same road as many other talk show hosts who talk about simple minded topics such as Maury, but she wanted to speak of self help and taboo topics to help other people and inspire people to do greater things. Her show began in the 1980s and is on its 25 season today; this season will be her last. Oprah opened a school in Africa to help young women achieve and overcome circumstances; here in the US she has fought against texting while driving as well as exposing child molesters. There is a bill called Oprah's Bill that has established a national database of child molesters for everyone's viewing. Every episode of Oprah's shows has helped to inspire someone somewhere. It is easy to see how she is an inspiration on many levels.

Anonymous said...

Special thanks to Yulia8na! I would have looked everyone elses people up, but we all know who they are already, no offense. I did look up the Mirabal sisters. I think that's the only one I wasn't sure of.

Julio Torres said...
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Julio Torres said...

Hello All,

Last Blog entry of the semester…
I will say that in light of the recent election the one political figure that has inspired me is our new Florida Governor Rick Scott. He has proven that even if you are guilty of the largest Medicare fraud in the history of the United States, 1.7 billion dollars, there are plenty of ignorant“pendejos” out there that are willing to handle you a whole state for one to take it for a ride.

Here is a preview of the not to come future for our beloved Florida. While the rest of the world including China, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America strive to modernize and get current with the times here in Florida has been decided, even that our economy is based on tourism, that we do not need a high speed connecting Tampa and Orlando anymore and furthermore that we rather endure ongoing traffic congestion and pollution rather than investing an additional 1 percent tax on a light rail system for the Tampa Area.

It has also been decided that current and new students are willing to pay a higher price for their state public education as well as dealing with a longer waits and service interruptions due to a shortage in state jobs and positions despite the increasing student volume; while renouncing to Federal and State financial assistance since it is no longer necessary by anyone in order to afford tuition costs.

It also means that there will be less money allocated into maintaining and operating correctional facilities and that many inmates will be realized prematurely to reconnect with an economic market that will embrace them open arms. Same scenary for unemployed folks that rather go bankrupt than taking state unemployment benefits.

It also means that in the event one gets sick, they count with a great insurance coverage that will ensure payment for the thousands of dollars that it will cost a simple visit to an Emergency Room, or the mere act of buying prescribed medications. We have decided that as a state we do not want to support caps on medical charges or that we do not mind an insurance company turning us down for any preexisting conditions.

And finally we have decided that we do not care if an oil ridge is leaking 100, 60 or even 10 miles of our coastlines, we do not mind dealing with dirty beaches or destroyed ecosystems as long as someone is getting richer somewhere at the expenses of the next generations’ patrimony.

Aaron said...

Well this week’s blog was difficult for me because until this point in my life I have been very fortunate to live in the United States where I did not have had any political person to admire; however, is our current President Barrack Obama. President Obama is the only President that I that addresses the issues to all people, he is a charismatic and an intelligent speaker, and he wants CHANGE for all people regardless of their political views.
I feel the the President is getting slammed because we as Americans want a desperate solution to our problems within an unreasonable short period of time. People need to realize that the reason our economy is where it is, it is not due to Obama, but by the hand of the previous administration. So before anyone else complains about the state of our county and states that Obama has not accomplished anything in the past two years lets recap the last 18 month period:
• Eliminated subsidies to private lender middlemen of student loans and protect student borrowers
• Significantly expanded Pell grants, which help low-income students pay for college
• Expanded hate crime law in the US to include sexual orientation through the Matthew Sheppard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act
• Extended benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees
• Appointed more openly gay officials than any other president in US history
• The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009: a $789 billion economic stimulus plan
• Created more private sector jobs in 2010 than during entire Bush years
• Provided stimulus funding to boost private sector spaceflight programs
• Provided $12.2 Billion in new funding for Individuals With Disabilities Education Act
• Signed the Children's Health Insurance Reauthorization Act, which provides health care to 11 million kids -- 4 million of whom were previously uninsured
• Issued executive order to repeal Bush era restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research
• Stimulus package, which includes approx. $18 billion for nondefense scientific research and development

Aaron said...

• Acquisition Reform Act to stop fraud and wasteful spending in the defense procurement and contracting system
• Issued executive order to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay
• Ended Bush administration's CIA program of 'enhanced interrogation methods' by requiring that the Army field manual be used as the guide for terrorism interrogations
• Increased minority access to capital
• Established Credit Card Bill of Rights, preventing credit card companies from imposing arbitrary rate increases on customers
• Signed financial reform law requiring lenders to verify applicants' credit history, income, and employment status
• Signed financial reform law prohibiting banks from engaging in proprietary trading (trading the bank's own money to turn a profit, often in conflict with their customers' interests)
• Signed financial reform law establishing a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to look out for the interests of everyday Americans
• Care Reform Bill, preventing insurance companies from denying insurance because of a pre-existing condition
• Care Reform Bill, allowing children to remain covered by their parents' insurance until the age of 26
• Tax cuts for up to 3.5 million small businesses to help pay for employee health. Cut prescription drug cost for Medicare recipients by 50%.
• Tax credits for up to 29 million individuals to help pay for health insurance. Require health insurance plans to disclose how much of the premium actually goes to patient care
• Expansion of Medicaid to all individuals under age 65 with incomes up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level
• Require health insurance plans to disclose how much of the premium actually goes to patient care
• Significantly increased funding for the Violence Against Women Act
• Lifted restrictions granting Cuban Americans unrestricted rights to visit family and send remittances to the island
• Increased funding for national parks and forests by 10%
• Increased average fuel economy standards from 27.5mpg to 35.5mpg, starting in 2016
• Appointed nation's first Chief Technology Officer

The list goes on, so for this finally blog ask yourself these questions in the future before jumping to conclusions:
Did you study the relevant issues on the ballots, and did you vote intelligently? Peace out!

asmith9 said...

In the course of my life, I have had very few historic/ political figures. As I grew older different people has had a different affect on me. I was raised in a somewhat political background where voting was mandatory. Therefore, I picked up an interest in politics. My political icon would be President Obama. I admire the leadership that President Obama brings to this country. Today, I understand the importance in change and how one man can make a difference. President Obama has many qualities I wish I had President Obama ability to fight through adversity and keep cool. Also, I honor the fact that even though the country is in a recession President Obama is still optimistic about the future of the United States. I would love to have President Obama charisma. I am sure there are other African American males who look up to President Obama and appreciate his support. As an African American I feel the need to acknowledge a man who has faced problems similar to me and took negative criticism as a grain-of-salt. President Obama makes me feel privileged to be an African American.

Preston G said...

I believe a person like Walt Disney made a huge impact in the world. He created the most "magical place" on Earth, Disney World, and today it is the most visited place for vacation in the world. Every single person on the planet is aware of what Disney World is, and a large majority has probably been there at least once. Even if someone has not been to Disney World, I am sure they have watched a Disney movie before. Walt Disney dreamed of having a theme park to bring his kids, and his dream has accomplished so much more that what he hoped. I believe Walt Disney will touch lives for eternity.

Nico said...

I like a lot the history of Neslson Mandela, He devoted his life for this country, he fought for the rights of black people. He was the principal resistant of the Apartheid and now he is a model for all people who defend rights and equality between races. Thanks to him, South Africa found its freedom back.

Maxime said...

I chose Gad Elmaleh was born in 1971 in a big city of Morocco, Casablanca. He was used to be on stage from his youngest age, plus, his father who is a mime, consequently, he has been quickly attracted by comedy .
He is famous ,certainly one of the ten most important comedians in the world .

He makes me laugh a lot and manages to make laugh almost all Europe and the whole world ( For those who know him )

Maybe you know him ??

If you don't, I advise you to watch some of his shows.

Laughter is good for the health !you will live more longer !

Bye !

maeva said...

I like very much the story of John Forbes Nash, a scientific who was an econmist, mathematician who worked on theory differential equation, function partial derivative...and he had the Nobel prize in 1994.He was schizophrenic, his disease was declared when he was at Princeton university. He met his wife Alicia Lardé in 1952 and he had a child, his wife didn't perceive his desease and he believed he worked for the CIA, he believed he was a spy for the American governement...When he realized he was sick he was on a psychatric hospital and had a traitment, he finished his career as professor at the university. A film tells his life, directed by Ron howard on 2001, "a beautiful mind"

Denis said...

Hello everyone,
I’d like to say that my favorite actor is Brad Pitt. He did many well-known movies like The Fight Club, Snatch, Inglorious Basterds or Troie. He played each time different role such as serious, incongruous, nut or warrior. He is a commited father and he has many children.
See you on the blog.

Nicolas said...

I like all the career of Luc Besson. I think he’s one of the better film director because he has often been in advance of others director. For example, the fifth element, which was created in the 90’s, has good set and special effect. What I also like is that he can do many different sort of film. He has written “Leon” or “Nikita” and also “Taken” or “The Transporter”.

Maëlle said...

Ray Charles was a pioneer in the genre of soul music and blues during the 1950s.
He became completely blind when he turns seven.
He had talent despite his disability. His handicap didn’t prevent him from meeting succes.
He had an impressive career : Singer-songwriter, pianist, bandleader and he wrote songs that are famous worldwide.
I think that it is an interesting personality.

simon said...

I would like to talk about Mike TYSON because during his carrer, he was the indisputed champion and he was the youngest prizefighter to win a world championship, he was 20.
He had been world champion for 3 years.
He was born in Brooklyn in 1966. He started from rock bottom and and he ended up to the highest level.

Mickael said...

Hi everyone,

I would like you speak about a hip hop artist, Rockin' Squat.
Rockin' Squat is the brother of Vincent Cassel and has been the creator of group Assassin who has participated in the creation
of hip hop in france.
This artist has been the first MC to develop on polical problems, ecology, woman rights, 09/11, racism, war of water.....
Today, his discography includes more than 24 album, EP or maxi among which we find the title "Démocratie fasciste", "L'Etat assassine", "La lutte du siècle", "France à fric", "Illuminazi 666", "Esclave 2000"....