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Monday, June 28

Exchange with French students : mutual impressions about each otherʼs cultures

Hi everyone !

I'm François Chappuis, I teach English in France, more precisely in Grenoble, a lovely city ringed by mountains (the Alps).

In my school, we are about 300 students, they are specialised in different fields such as industrial design, industrial maintenance, automatism, electrotechnics... They also attend more conventional courses like maths, physics, history, geography, French, English....Their age range from 15 to 25. When (if!) they passed their examinations, they either look for a job or carry on their studies (BA, MA, engineering school...)

Here is my school website : (sorry this is not a blingual website...yet !)

With Professor Athena Smith, we set a project whose description is this:

The blog will serve the forum for an exchange on mutual impressions about each otherʼs cultures that hopefully will lead to an intercultural understanding, possible creation of friendships and an exchange visit in the future. Each week, you are expected to answer the question posted by either professor in no less than 200 words and comment on another studentʼs answer in no less than 50 words. The programme is divided into 6 weeks of which you will be informed in due time. The programme will start mid-September.

I'm (and especially my students) looking forward to exchanging views on each other's cultures!'

François Chappuis


Athena Smith said...

Great photos Francois!Thanks!

Susan said...

I have visited many post.but i haven't see this type of post for your post.I read your article about "Exchange with French students : mutual impressions about each otherʼs cultures"its really very nice article.Thanks for that......


Jayme said...

I look forward to reading everyone’s comments on a variety of topics. It will be a motivating semester and hopefully very exhilarating.

Mannieee said...

Bonjour! Commet Je m'appelle Margaret Vincent, mais j'aime Margeux mieux. And that's the extent of my French :)

I took three years of it in high school, but have forgotten quite a bit. Maybe one of the French students could be my tutor :) I'm really excited for this course and the interactions we'll share. Although I have never been to France, I'm in love with it. My grandmother grew up there and my boyfriend did a short study abroad program in Paris this summer.

I can't wait to meet the other students and hopefully build lasting friendships!

~ Margeux

Ben Sigal said...

Greetings to all, near and far! I am Ben Sigal and though I wish I remember much more of the three years of high school French that I took, I know that the language barrier will be a small one to cross.

I am majoring in Foreign Relations with a focus in Asian humanites and Mandarin Chinese. Nearly a decade ago I had the privalage of spending three months in Europe with about two weeks spent in different parts of France. Beautiful indeed!

I wish you all the best and look forward to our future discussions as each of our worlds gets a little bit smaller this semester. =-)

Athena Smith said...

Indeed our world is getting smaller.

Lasandra posted the following comment in the previous post by mistake so I am pasting it here:

"LaSandra67 said...
Hi Everyone. This is a shout from Tampa, Florida!"

I think this must be a vey loud "Hi!" probably all the way from the heart! :)

François said...

I'm looking forward to start this project, and don't you worry, you won't have to write in French..unless you want to !

Isaiah Merritt-Harris said...

Testing out the blog...Hello everyone!

Yary's said...

Hello...Everyone, I am really excited about this course and the exchange with French students. I took a few years of French and I need to practice. Hopefully one day I will visit France in the future. This is really nice to meet new people and learn about their country and culture. I am original from Puerto Rico a small Island in the Caribbean. Any questions don’t hesitate to write me…Thanks for the opportunity. Nice meeting you!

Julio Torres said...


Hola amigos!

Mi nombre es Julio y soy de Puerto Rico, vivo en los Estados Unidos y estoy muy contento por la experiencia de participar en este blog. No hablo frances, pero hablo español, portugues e ingles.

Hi to everyone,

My name is Julio and I am originally from Puerto Rico (the smaller of the larger antilles in the Caribbean, and an US commonwealth). I am currently living in the US.

My grandmother was originally from Marseille,France, however, she met my grandfather and moved to Barcelona, then due to problems with the Franco regimen, they moved to New York for a year until finally settling in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, our what I call my little piece of heaven.

I was never taught French but it is a very beautiful and romantic language. I have been to France several times specifically to Paris and Southern France: Nice, Cannes, Aix-en-Provence and of course Marseille and I loved it.

I welcome this opportunity to exchange culture, language and ideas with our new french friends.
So feel free to ask.


Yary said...


Bryon Bewsher said...

first check in. Hello everyone.

Bryon Bewsher said...
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Bryon Bewsher said...
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Isaiah Merritt-Harris said...

France is such a rich country. It has a rich culture, and a great influence in the arts. Hopefully one day I can visit the Eiffel Tower, or the various museums in the city.