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Sunday, April 12

Our last blog: Thoughts on gratitude.

Some have jokingly recommended that we celebrate Thanksgiving daily in order to improve our health. No pills, no diets, no exercises. Just a long-term positive emotion can be the key to long-term health, as old philosophy and recent research seem to suggest. The ancient philosopher Epicurus considered gratitude a chief prerequisite to happiness, the same way that ingratitude was the chief path to misery. The wise man believed that those who have the power to bury unhappy memories are able to reach happiness. Fools, on the other hand, recall the past just to regret it. They torture themselves with recollection of past mistakes.

Recently psychologists and mental health professionals have been assessing the relationship between gratitude and happiness. It looks like that eternally grateful people score higher on indicators of health, as they seem to be taking better care of themselves. Gratitude also fights stress, a leading cause of illness and responsible for 90% of doctor’s visits. Furthermore, grateful people are more optimistic and optimism seems to boost the immune system. The impact is even more significant on those whose immune system has been compromised or those who are preparing for a stressful event like taking an exam or undergoing surgery. And finally, gratitude appears to lessen the pain of a tragic loss as the sense of belonging may increase and somewhat compensate for the loss.

It may not be easy to feel gratitude, many will retort. Look at the poor in India and their low levels of satisfaction. Correct, but what about the low levels of satisfaction among the very affluent in the developed countries? In October 2008 I listened to David Whyte, a poet and corporate consultant speak of the toxic mentality of CEOs who were miserable because they were making $2-5 million a year and not $6-10.

Well, who appears to be happy then? Mostly, middle class folks. Especially those who rose from poverty.

How can we cultivate a culture of gratitude? It has been suggested that we keep a journal. We write down a list of blessings and ask to what extent we take those for granted. Keep a record of past problematic situations and how we dealt with them. Through resolving these situations, did we benefit by learning something? Keep a record of places you visited and carried a message for you. Keep the memory alive by posting it on a blog. Look for the good side of people and focus on that. Did someone do something for you? Thank them silently if you have not already done this in person. Or simply, as you go to bed, make a few mental entries of things you are grateful for.

I'll give you four entries of mine.
I am grateful for the students who showed resilience, fought the odds and are in school. They are my role-models.
I am grateful I visited Omaha Beach in Normandy. I was reminded of the precious gift of freedom, which was handed to my generation on a silver platter. (I wrote about this trip here)
I am grateful I did not have an accident today.
I am grateful you took the time to write on this blog and allowed me to get to know you a bit better. I thank you.

Back to you. Do you think that keeping a "gratitude journal" makes any sense or is gratitude an overated feeling? If you were to make a few mental entries of things you are grateful for, what would they be?


Incandescent26 said...

I think that a gratitude journal is a great idea. I wish I had the time to write down what I feel everyday. I am grateful for so much. God has blessed me with a beautiful life. I'm only 19 years old but I've been through alot and I don't like to think of the negative. I learned a long time ago that dwelling on the past doesn't make anyone happy. You have to move past it, learn from your mistakes and forgive the ones who have wronged you. I'm grateful for my older brother, who through out my entire life has been there to tell me when I'm heading down the wrong path and to hold me when I cried. He is truly my hero. I'm grateful for my mother, even though we had our differnces and she hasnt always been the best mother, she tried and she never turned her back on me. I forgive her for the mistakes her and my father made and I know she never meant for me to be caught in their drama. I am grateful for my friends, when I had no place to go they gave me a place to stay, they let me cry when I was hurt and they helped me when I coulddn't help myself. They are the most amazing people I've ever met and I value they're friendship the most. I am grateful for my boyfriend, he taught me that I am capable of being loved and that I'm not as broken as I thought I was. I thank god, for this beautiful life and I hope I can see the whole world one day and all the beauty it has to offer. Mostly I'm gratful that i'm alive to experience this great rollercoaster of life. Wow, writing that down really did make me feel better.

John Deere Green said...

I think that a gratitude journal is a good idea. Sometimes when you write your feelings down it makes me you realise the things that you may want to change about yourself. It also could make you realise how lucky you are. Many great things could come out of having a gratitude journal. Then again some people just don't feel as if a journal would help them and talking to other people does. I think that if i took the time to write in a journal it could help me alot.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts on Gratitiude:
My thoughts on gratitude are very high. Every day I am grateful for everything. Most importantly is to have the opportunity to be alive everyday that God blesses me with, my health, have my family healthy and well. I am blessed and grateful for all the wonderful things in life: food, clothing, a home, job, education, blessed to have a reltaionship with God. Grateful to overcome drugs and abuse in my life. Grateful to know that I am a conqueror in all that I do. There are so many things many people take their lives for granted. I am not here to point fingers or Judge because I for sure in my past did many many many bad bad horrible mistakes in my past. So I can relate to those who just are not appreciative of the small things in life. I was there and because I had suffered so much in my past, that has given me the strength to look past all my mistakes and believe that I have a great purpose in my life. About the gratitude journal that is a great idea becuase I occasionally write in my journal and that is very helpful in many ways because you are able to share your emotion and feelings that are personal in a journal and its a great tool to document your struggles, strengths and accomplishments and store many memories that we may forget after the years.

Fundakat319 said...

gratitude is most definitely not an overrated feeling in any way in my opinion but do i feel we take it for granted? for sure, on a regular basis. um writing about it to have thanks everyday might seem a little over kill in some senses but at the same time it would be nice to look back at all the great things that have happened to you or that you have done for someone else at the end of a year or even at the end of a month, I'm sure it would be exhilarating to have those types of memories but in the same token i feel its kind of the same as praying every night?! thanking god for allowing you to be on earth each day and other things of that matter. but im extremely grateful for the respect i get from the people who love me as well as the ones who just want to see me go on the right track and succeed (teachers) and for everyday that i am able to do something with my life especially if im doing something that can have an impact on someone else.

Millz617 said...

i think a gratitude journal would be a helpful asset to people who arent to sure of themselves. i tend to have a lot on my mind on a constant bases. my thoughts jump from one issue to a nother. in effect, my mood also shifts. i took a stress test not to long ago at the ybor campus, i wasnt shocked that my results were off the charts and thats with the settings all the way up. i hold alot in when im bothered or have alot going on in my mind so it boils up alot. i havent found any constant way to vent. i would write in a journal i just dont have the patients to sit down everyday to write my thoughts on paper. iv tried an when i get the chance i write to myself but to make it a habbit i dont think id be able to...but for those who can, i say it is helpful an a good way to vent.

cesca23 said...

I do think that keeping a gratitude journal is a good idea and works. Being positive and always trying to help others come back in return 10 fold like in the Bible. If we keep a journal that reminds us of things to be grateful or what we have thought about in a certain moment that might have been something to remember and just look back at it once in a while we can also appreciate everything more too. A few things I am grateful are: my family and that we are all healthy and close, my boyfriend for being a great person, being here one day at a time and being able to live it to the fullest, and grateful that I have the opportunity to help others now and maybe in the future by becoming a nurse.

jermaine18 said...

I think everbody should have should have some sense of graditude on a daily. Graditude is not overrated anyone who says it is is a fool. Graditude always makes sense, in my opinion it makes you down to earth pretty much human. I am gratful for my family. I am grateful for my schooling. I am grateful for the “real” friends that I have. I am grateful to be alive . I am grateful to have pets. I am grateful for being able to eat everyday. I am grateful for physical relations. I am grateful for the creation of the female gender. Even though they are weird.

Nilo said...

I agree with this. I have noticed that in periods of my life when I am more grateful and optimistic things seem to improve, even my health. By contrast when I am feeling pessimistic and not at all happy I have the opposite results. This blog comes at a time when only God knows how much I need to think of the good things to keep me going.
I am grateful for my 9 year old daughter, she fought with all her might to be here with us.
For my mom and grandma, they are always there for me. For my sister, who is my shoulder to cry on. I am grateful for being here when I should have been gone so long ago, not a lot of people get so much opportunities of life like I have. I am grateful because I can still go to college and I can still concentrate and just be aware. I still feel my feet and hands and I still see clearly every single color in the world. I love that I have the opportunity to get an education and to decide what I want to do with my life even if I didn't plan it this way. I am grateful for what I have, because others have so little. I am grateful that I can feel inspired by others, this keeps me moving forward. Finally, I am grateful for art, any kind of art. The spark of the human spirit comes alive in the eyes of an artist and the work they perform. Art always makes me feel better and just the memories that I have of that short-lived time are enough to make me feel grateful for everything in my life.

Karina Ramos said...

I definitely agree with keeping a gratitude journal. Writing your thoughts helps you remember what you were feeling at the time and also reminds you of all the troubles you have been able to overcome all odds. I am grateful for many things and I try always look at the positive side and remember how blessed I truly am. I am grateful to have an amazing family who will do anything for me and will support me with whatever decision I make, I am grateful that I have wonderful friends with whom I can share my inner most thoughts with, I am grateful for the opportunity I have to further my education, I am grateful that I am healthy as well as my family and friends,and last but not last, am also grateful for the person God has molded me to become.

junyor0169 said...

Keeping a gratitude journal world is a great idea. Being able to look back on your life and see everything that you are grateful for is usually an eye-opener. Many people take their lives for granted. I'm growing up in a generation where nothing seems to ever be enough. The youth now-a-days don’t understand what it's like to work for anything. I feel as though the only people who truly are grateful or the poor, because they know what it is to struggle, they know how it feels not to have everything they want. So when they do receive what they want, they cherish it, because they worked so hard for it or waited so long for it. If I were to make a mental entry in my "Grateful Journal" I would be grateful for my mother and family. Many people don’t have a mother to look up to or even have one to turn to. I would be grateful for my friends; they’re always there when I need them. I would be grateful for my education and opportunity to further my education. Regardless of how bad you think you have it, someone's always got it worse.

NotOfThisWorld said...

I think a "gratitude journal" is awesome and more people should keep one. Then maybe people would be focused on and thankful for what they do have instead of what they do not have. It seems like we do not realize what we do have until we loose it and then if we gain it back again then we are grateful. Why can't we just be thankful for what we do have and not take things for granted; then maybe we will not loose it in the first place. The Bible even teaches this concept: give thanks always and do not murmur and complain. The Israelites didn't make it to the promise land b/c of murmuring and complaining. If a person can not be content in whatever state he/she is in then what makes you think that when you get the next thing that you would be happy or satisfied. There is only one thing that satisfies our heart where we could be content if we had the whole world or nothing and that is LOVE (God= Jesus Christ, Word).

I also believe that our guilty conscience is because of sin and the only way to be free is by the blood of Jesus Christ, by confessing you are a sinner, ask for forgiveness, and believe that God has forgiven you as far as the east is from the west; it will not be brought back to His rememberance anymore, so repent, forsake, and forget about it. If God has forgotten about it then I can forget about it and move on. Every time it gets brought to my remembrance I say " nope I don't remember, it is under the blood". There is a saying that if you do not bury the past then the past will bury you, so I strongly believe that the people who can bury their past will be happier because they will not be in bondage to their past but freed to the future and a new life!!! I have everything to be thankful for: the life that God has given me, my families (Church and biological), eternal life in Christ, job, school, my church, my pastor, and I am thankful for the LOVE that God(Jesus Christ) has for me that He died in my place, He took the penalty for me so that I do not have to die but can live with him forever. I think God for all things; He is my provider, my healer, my deliverer, and my banner. I could go on about this topic but I think you get the point. Praise God!!! He is good ALL the time, and He gives good things.

NotOfThisWorld said...

There is always someone who has it worse than you, so help those who do, and you will be happier.

bsolomon3 said...

I don't think a gratitude journal is a bad thing at all. Maybe if we all started doing this, or just a couple of people, we would see a change in their attitudes and how they look at life. As the article says, many people do look in the past and worry about it, like its going to change or something. But I do think if we did write these past problems down or write it mentally, we will remember them when needed and we will know how to respond and react. If I wrote in a gratitude journal, I would have many things to be grateful for. Firstly, I am grateful for my parents. Many kids dont have hard parents to deal with, but I did and now I look back and say,"If my parents didn't teach me why this or that was wrong, where would I be today? Definitely not in college!" And they are my backbone when I need one, whether financially or emotionally. Secondly, I am grateful for my sister. She has always been my best friend that never turned their back on you. She had some rough times and I was there for her and she was there for me. I can now proudly say she is a sailor in the United States Navy and is one of the most bull-headed but strongest people I know. Thirdly, I am grateful that I live in the middle-class society and I am able to go to college and have a decent job. I think we all should stop listening and worrying about all the negative in this world, and just be happy and grateful for what we have.

Redder said...

I think keeping a Gratitude Journal would be great but i dont think people would actually log everytime something good happens to them. People are to busy with everyhting that there isnt enough time to log everything unless they arent doing anything. I dont think gratitude is overratted at all. If i were going to keep mental entries for everthing i am grateful for i would have plenty. First i would be thankful for being alive and healthy. Ive seen to many times on the news what people are going through and we over here in the states are very lucky that we have protection and homes to go to. I would also be grateful to be blessed with a good family and friends. Without them life would be dull and nothing worth living for. I am also grateful for having a wonderful girlfriend that has been there through the hard times. gRATEFUL for making it through this far in school and did not drop out. Those are some examples of things i am grateful for but there is much more but i would rbe ranting on.

rushfan said...

I think keeping a gratitude journal is ridiculous. I think it takes away how special something can be it makes it impersonal. Take things as they come. One by one don't make journal entries on things. If i were to be forced to write things I'm grateful for right now. It would have to be for my family helping me out when i need it. The sustenance i get on a daily basis.Also would be grateful for my loving girlfriend helping me out when i need it.

tori said...

a gratitude journal is a good idea.. but who ever has the time for something like that, because i know that i definitely dont have the time. the good thing about a gratitude journal is that it makes us realize how good of a life we have, unless u dont write in it. i think alot of people take for granted what they have. i am the oldest of 5 kids and my little sister might be a pain in the butt, but i dont know what my life would be without her. my mom just lost her little sister and i know its really hard for her and if i lost my sister i would probably go insane. my family and friends are a big part of my life and with none of them i wouldnt be the person i am today:) the other good thing is when and as you get older you go back and look what you were greatful for by in the days...

BabyBri22 said...

I believe that a gratitude journal is a relly good idea. Some times people arnt really sure of who they are and i think that that could help then=m realize how precious there life is. Being greatful for your life and things in it is a gift that everyone should experience. WHen you read over things you have writen in the past it might make you feel good with the decisions that you have made thus far. I am greatful for a family that will always love me and sacrafice anything to have me succeed in life. I am greatful for friends that will always have my back and listen to me in my time of need. And i am thankfull for my relationship with god, he keeps my faith alive and my will to live a great life everyday. !!!!

Sandy6 said...

Making a gratitude journal is an amazing idea because then people will see what they have gone through and what good they did to overcome that. I personally do this mentally, but I don’t have a name for it and now I do. I have more than fifty things I can think of now that I am grateful for but I’ll only mention a few. I am grateful that I have a family that loves me no matter what. I am grateful that I have a boyfriend who is wonderful to me. I am grateful that I am still alive. I am grateful that I have never been in an accident. And I am grateful to have a roof over my head with wonderful amenities.

mellymel06 said...

People don't generally don't put a great thought about feeling. They feel they way they feel think in the moment of those feeling and forget the ever happened. So I think keeping a gratitude journal would not hurt maybe people will not only think about there feeling more and what type of impact your feelings have on yourself but also think about other peoples feels as well

DaLi said...

I’m sure it would be nice to keep a private “gratitude journal”; if I had time to keep a journal like that I’m sure it would help to keep things in prospective. I would not be able to blog my entries because it would limit my entries say so that nothing would be too emotional or personal for others to read. I guess if I had to be thankful of anything right now it would be that I have a good home and food for my children. I’m thankful that I have been able to give them a safer more stable environment to grow up in than I had. I’m thankful for my husband and the fact that he loves me and supports me emotionally. I’m thankful that my children and my spouse are healthy. Last but definitely not least, I’m thankful that my grandfather, my uncles (3), my father, my husband, and my son-in-law, have all served this country during war time and have all returned to finish living their lives.

MikeATLfalcons said...

i think that a gratitude journal is a good idea. i could help you when you are in a situation that you cant seem to find a good way out of. if something simular happened in your past and you cant remeber how you resolved it so easily then you would have records on how you resolved it. yet then again it could be a bad thing because it could bring back bad memories that you have sort of supressed. memories that you tried not to think about and finally did stop thinking about them. but im most greatful for my family. they are all very supportive and they are always there for me when i need them.

Ralsgal said...

Coming from the most pessimistic person in the world, I think a gratitude journal is an amazing idea. I have to keep a sign by my bathroom mirror that says "it doesnt hurt to look at the brighter things in life". I have always concentrated on the negative things in life until this past year. I am almost 40 and just now learning to let the past go, that meaning the last minute or second. I am learning to live life for the future not the past. I cannnot change the past but can only change the future. I do keep a journal by my bed to write in and started it in August when I returned back to school for the first time in 13 years. I have only written in it 3 times, but I am going to try to continue to write in it what I am thankful for everyday. I believe I am still here on this earth to serve a purpose, and I will continue to try and serve that purpose daily by the grace of God. I am thankful for my children that God has bleesed me with, birth and step children. Each one has taught me lessens that would have never been learned without them. I am thankful that I have a husband that loves me dearly and treats me like a queen and supports me while I am getting a second degree. I am thankful to have several old friends that have helped me through some very troubling times in my life. And I am thankful that I took this class, and had a professor that helped me to look at alot of things differently than I did before taking this class. And last but not least I am thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, he has been there for me in the toughest times and the greateste times. He has blessed me beyond measure, and I hope I can serve him and reflect his love that he shows me daily. I hope to fill my gratitude journal with all his blessings that he has blessed me with and will continue to bless me with daily. Thank you for allowing us to share our comments, it was very gratifying :)

akillies said...

Gratitude is d thing that we as humans take for granted daily. It is certain that we should be thankful for the most simplest things yet without each other reasurring one another that were thankful we all get lost along the way.People are damaged all through their life and mislead by the one we call our peers parents and social leaders. As I wake up I sometimes go astray yet I am thankful for the family that raised me. I am thankful I have a steady job. I amgreatful to be in school and earning an education. By saying hello, thank you, I love you. your welcome, or even good bye it is being greatful and considering all people and feelings that are in the world today. In conclusion it can help very much by writing in a journal and analyzing it can help society as we know it. So I agree on the journal.

Court said...

My mom has always taught me that "gratitude is the key to happiness." Actually I think this blog was a really good reminder for my life right now to always stay positive and count my blessings. I know it sounds lame, but I went through a rough time in a while ago and wrote down the ten things I was most grateful for in my life and taped them to my mirror. Every morning while getting dressed, I would resite my list. It really did help me get through my difficult time. I think writing what you are thankful for helps your reflect on those things, which makes you more grateful. Gratitude can transform challenges to learning experiences and make life easier. As few of the blessings God has given me that I am thankful for is the opportunity to get an education, the opportunity to live in the greatest country on earth, health, friends, and most importantly: my family.

kennyg said...

A gratitude journal is a good idea. When I was younger I used to keep a journal of all the things I did and what use to happen to me in my life at that time. But as I got older I thought it was kind of childish and I stopped writing in my journal. I am so greatful of so many things is so gard for me to explain it and the only person who I cant that and expalin it all to at once is God. I get almost everythign that I want and can ask for and I wish that I did keep record of everything that someone brought me but I pretty much remember everything that someone bought me. Furthermore keeping a gratitude journal is awesome its a good way toclean your mind and see how much of a good life you have. And its awesome if someone trys it out.

trinity said...

Gratitude journals are a fabulous idea. Here are some of mine:

- I am grateful to be living in warmth where my body is healthy, and not the cold of Canada which crippled my body.
- I am grateful for my children, for them I am inspired to be my best, and hopefully be a role model. Because of them, I know love.
- I am grateful for my parents who love and support me, just because I am me.
- I am grateful for professors like Dr. Smith, who really care about us students.
- I am grateful that I am in a loving relationship, for love given and love returned.
- I am grateful for my dog, Qwazi, she is almost 15 years old and has seen me through some of the darkest days of my life.
- I am grateful that I am not an alcoholic, which was were my life was heading a short 3 years ago, which also seems a lifetime ago.
- I am grateful that I am me :)

ianschmidt said...

I too am very grateful. I am grateful for a wonderful partner whom I find to be my equal in every respect. I am fortunate for friends that have perspectives on life that have opened new doors of thought. To have been born in a great country of freedom that allows for dissent. I am also grateful for the simple things, a good beer, a kayak trip, gardening, or an evening in front of the stereo with a good album. I also find pleasure in the thought of the future and the discoveries that lie within it. Great article I feel healthier sitting here in my office chair.

steven.majdecki said...

I think that if a gratitude journal helps you feel better about yourself than you should go for it. As of myself I don't need a journal to write down gratifying moments because I remember the things I've done in the past and am proud of it. I know the most gratifying experience I have had and will ever have is serving in two seperate deplyoments to Iraq with some of the best people that this country has to offer. When you can walk around knowing that you helped defend this country from terrorism with honor, you don't need a journal to make yourself feel better, seeing an American Flag flying is good enough.

DLG2009 said...

I think keeping a gratitude journal to remind you what you are grateful for is a good idea. I personally do not need one, but the idea is good for some people. I know immediately what I am grateful for and I know immediately what I would write in my gratitude journal. I am grateful for…My wonderful family, my loving boyfriend, my health and the health of my family, boyfriend and friends. (Just to name a few).

krisie2kyute said...

Gratitude journals are greatly beneficial. Hell, i believe regular journals benefit just the same. I keep a regular journal to reevaluate my days. It keeps me focused and I seriously believe it helps me become a better person. I don't keep and objective gratitude journal, but I give thanks everyday: in my prayers. Giving thanks helps a person realize what they have received, or lost, is a blessing compared to some standards. I am sure everyone has heard the saying, "Be grateful for what you have because there are those that don't have." There is always someone in a worse position than me or you. When a person keeps this idea in mind, there is nothing they can do but to stay positive. I know that's how I feel. I am grateful for life, education, family, friends, and so much more. Though I believe gratitude journals are great, I don't think it is necessary to keep a log; one needs to just look around them self a see all the "wonderfulness". Just give thanks, it does help our health.

Go Bucs said...

I think that keeping a "gratitude journal" makes lots of sense because, I am grateful for so many things in my life. I think that God has blessed me with a beautiful life like i needed. I'm only 18 years old but I've been through alot and I don't like to think of the negative. Learning from your mistakes and forgive the ones who have wronged you. I'm grateful for my older parents that, who helped me through out my life so far has been there to tell me when I'm heading down the wrong path and to hold me when I cried. They are the only one who is there to support me. I always thank the god, for this beautiful life and giving me a great opportunity in this world I hope I can see the whole world one day and all the beautifuly things it has to offer. Mostly I'm gratful that i'm alive to experience this great rollercoaster of life. Wow, writing that down really did make me feel better

iLOVEpink said...

Gratitude, which is the means of being grateful and thankful. I think that a gratitude journal is an amazing idea. I also think that it has many potentials to help the mentally ill. I used to feel negative about myself, but I have a very wise friend that told me you need to think positive, because nothing is as bad as it seems, I now have a very optimistic outlook on life, and I am a very happy person.
If I were to have a journal here would be some thought,
-I am grateful for my mother who continuously provides for me physically and emotionally
-I am grateful for my college professors who dedicate their lives to help student to be successful in life
-I am grateful for those in the armed forces who risk their lives so that I can have my freedom.
-I am grateful for my boyfriend who loves me and always makes sure that I achieve my goals and follow my heart
-I am grateful for my friends who are there for me and can always make me happy
- I am grateful that I have a job and are able to make money so that I don’t have to live in poverty
-I am grateful for Jesus who watches over me, and holds a spot for me in heaven.

*(Stefany)* said...

I think that a gratitude journal is a good idea. A lot of times we take for granted the good things we have. Everything and everyone has its ups and downs. It would be nice to look over the things you have been through and how they were resolved. It would definitely make us feel gratitude for all the things we have. I am grateful for so many things. I am grateful for my family, who have always been there for me. For my grandparents because they raised me from day one till I was eight years old. For my good health. Overall, I am gratefun for everyone who has helped me get this far to be the great person I am.

fireangel said...

Keeping a gratitude journal is fine with me. If you actually sit down and think about what has happened in your day- what could have happened, but didn’t- yes I think you would be more grateful. And being grateful might give you a longer life but what else had happened in their life? I was listening to the radio one day and this woman the oldest in the world, I think she was 106 or something near to that, she said her secret was bacon and sugar. I’m pretty sure she was just kidding around but it makes me think. Is she just blessed with a long healthy life, or did she have a wonderful God and family centered life. If you are a true Christian a lot of stress goes away because you finally realize you’re not in control of your life. God is in control. So when I get home from a test and I think I’ve just flunked it, or when one of my family members die, or when one of the people that I love (friends or family) is hurt (physically or mentally), I hand over my problems to God and let him lead. We all have problems in our lives but who do you lean on when you’re in that tough spot? Yourself, family, maybe a friend? Are they always going to be able to do something about the problem? God can do all things. His answer may not be what we want, but God does all things to make you a better person, so you can understand him more. I trust Him with my family, my friends, me, and ultimately with my heart. One thing in the blog I don’t understand, why would you thank someone silently? I mean if you are going to say, “Thank you” say it and maybe even tell someone what your friend did for you. Sometimes you get gratitude from someone else by them saying, “Thank you”. And my gratitude list could go on forever, but I’ll give you my top five. I’m grateful that God chose me to know Him, worship Him, and tell people about my Savior who was brutally murdered for me. I’m grateful for my family. Through the last 3 or 4 years God has changed all of us till where we use to be a loud, hurting (emotionally), and destructive family. My mother once said that if it was not for us kids, she would have gotten a divorce. I’m so eternally glad she didn’t. My family is now a warm, fun, and a God fearing family and I could not have asked for a better one. “That what doesn’t break you makes you stronger”, that’s my family. I grateful for the church we are now in. It’s seriously like an extended family with the same morals, values, and love for God. And again I could not ask for a better one. I’m grateful for food and water that He has provided, and I grateful for my home and trails I go through so that one day, actually many days I hope, I can glorify Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent idea! Life can get us down so easily. Doesn't it always seem as if the bad memories stay fresh in our minds, while the good ones flee fast? With that in mind, keeping a journal would be a great way to hold tight to those good memories!
I am so gratefull for so many things.
First of all, I'm so grateful for my salvation - I just wouldn't be who I am without it! I'm thankful for a husband of 30 years, four beautiful children and 5 amazing grandchildren. I'm thankful for this country we live in -it isn't perfect by any means, but we have much more than so many. I'm thankful to be able to go to college - it has been a dream of mine for 30 years.
I really could go on and on, but I will stop with one last thing. I am so thankful for the people I have met here at HCC. Every one has been so considerate and kind - professors and students alike. It has made my return to school an amazing experience.
Thank you all!

luckydawg said...

I think the journal would be a good idea, especially in my case where I forget everything because of my TBI. I am grateful to be alive and to have survived fighting in the Iraq War in 2003. Even though I got wounded by an I.E.D.(roadside bomb) I am still grateful to have served my country and to be taken care of by the VA system after my injuries. I am grateful to live in a country with men and woman so willing to put their lives on hold to go to a country far away and fight for what they feel is right. To defend our freedom and keep America free. I am grateful to have such a supportive family and to not really have to worry about money since I get plenty of disability. I am grateful to have my college education paid for by the Army. I am also grateful to be an American.

CON_to-the_WAY said...

I love the idea of a gratitude Journal. When I first met my hubby, this was one thing about him I discovered that he did. Every night, or when he had time to, he would make a list of all the things he was greatful for before going to bed. I took a peek and he was honestly jotting things down. I started doing the same thing for quite a while and it makes me feel complete. I try my best to include everything but as always sometimes I forget alot. I could make a long list:
-I am grateful for my family, who have always been there for everything in my life and who have pushed me to acomplish all of my goals.
-I am greatful for my boyfriend, who believes in me and gives me strength,courage,confidence and all the love I could ever ask for.
-I am greatful for my friends,who can always turn my day around no matter what.
-I am greatful for all of my professors, who are incredibly amazing and who encourage me to do my best.
-I am greatful for the healthy life that I am living.
-I am greatful for all of my belongings and keepsakes that I have received lately.
-I am greatful for my daughter whom I havent met yet, but I know she will change my life forever. I will be the best mother I can be!
-I am greatful for the knowledge and ambition I am blessed with.
-I am greatful for the country I live in and its oppportunities.

I could go on forever. Seriously. :]

rkole4 said...

I believe that having a gratitude journal could really play a huge roll in how we live our lives. If you write about how crappy you feel at a moment, and just let it all out, and then figure out a way to become emotionally stable again, that little bit you took time to write about can help you in future bouts in the same area. This is like how an inventor would keep record of his failures and successes, so he knows what to duplicate and what not to do. In this way, we can become more emotionally stable quicker every time we feel depressed, or anxious, etc.. Also, writing what all you are grateful for can really lift you up. Have you ever stopped and listed off what all you are thankful for? If you really try, the list will seem endless! Focussing on blessings rather than curses will always make our lives seem better!
I'm definitely considering writing about my life experiences in a journal. I'm sure it will prove useful.

There are so many things I am thankful for:
1) I am thankful for my God who has completely changed my life.
2) I am thankful for another day of life to enjoy.
3) I am thankful for my family.
4) I am thankful for my friends (my other family).
5) I am thankful for freedom and being able to live in the U.S.
6) I am thankful for my ability to play the guitar and lead others in worship.
7) I am thankful for the person God has molded me into.

Philippians 4:6
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

solitaryxsiren said...

Gratitude is in no way an "overrated" feeling, it is quite underrated. Keeping a gratitude journal would help many people tremendously, including myself. The problem lies in beginning one and being consistent with writing in it. It's quite depressing to hear that those very affluent individuals are depressed, but it's nothing new that those with such monetary success end up unsatisfied in some other part of their lives. If they practiced gratitude, they could be in quite a blissful state.

Count your blessings, not your demons.

solitaryxsiren said...

Oh, and...

-I am grateful for my family and the support they provide. Without them...I do not want to imagine the state I would be in.
-I am grateful for my close friends who are always there when I need them. They were there for me when I felt like my parents were not (just teenage angst).
-I am grateful for the intelligent and philosophical minds that have shed light on the things in life that should be obvious to us all.

flyfromtheinside said...

i dont think gratitude is and overrated feeling. i think its alot healthier to be happy, gratefull and stay posotive about life instead of always worrying or being stressed. like others have said, dwellin on the past isnt going to help anything. i always say "move on from the past, tomorrow starts a new chapter".
some mental entries that i am greatfull for is: im just happy to be alive and well..we're never promised we'll live to see tomorrow. im greatfull for my parents even though they are a pain sometimes..theyve always pushed my in the right direction. im greatfull to be in college to start off my career. lastly, im greatfull for all the nice things i have..i know theyre not a necestiy and that not everyone can have everything they want, so im gratefull that im able to have those things and i dont take them for granted.

Sickabyss said...

Gratitude journal could be a good idea.
I am grateful for my job
I am Grateful my friends
I am grateful my giant puppy
Doing a grateful journal would be a positive thing to do and maybe doing it will make people happier without realizing it. My thoughts are try it and if it works continue if not dont.

hnarine67 said...

I think that a gratitude journal is stupid, who is going to sit down and read this journal that we are taking the time out to write? No one is actually going to sit down and re-read what they have written unless they really have nothing else to do. Journals are pointless because you write down your innermost thoughts just to have it invaded, avoid that situation and keep it in your head! Things that i am truly grateful for in my life is my parents. Without my parents i would have nothing,and be nothing. Regardless of the mistakes i have committed in my life trying to figure out my life, they have stuck by me even though they were not such good decisions, but they were still there and that is what i call real parents. I thank god for my parents, thats all i am grateful in life for. Also, i am grateful to be alive, when you see a truck coming towards your side of the car, and you have a split second to either hit the gas and go, or sit there and pee your pants, God gave me the strength to hit the gas and go. I am grateful for my parents and to be alive.

Qasem said...

People do not realize what they accomplished in life or what makes them grateful until they write it down on a piece of paper. I believe a gratitude journal is a wonderful idea. It allows people to think about the postive things in life rather then the negative things in life. There are so many things that I am grateful for. I am grateful for my parents. I am grateful for my education and most of all I am grateful of my career. Having a journal with all the things you are grateful for is way to keep you going in life.

Britt said...

Gratitude certainly plays a major role in a person’s well-being. The ability to find good in all situations, laugh off the minor annoyances of life, and appreciate the little moments that add joy to life is not only an asset but a requirement for a happy, healthy life. If a person needs a journal or some other sort of daily reminder to focus on the good things of life then of course it’s a good idea. I am grateful for the opportunity to educate myself, in a school of my choice, in a subject of my choice. I am grateful for the freedom of religion and my freedom to practice it whenever and wherever I choose. I am grateful for all the little inside jokes with my friends and family that get me through my days.

rvrview3 said...

i think it is a really good idea it can help mindsets of most people some people who keep stuff bottled up are like a sponge and they are waiting to get some one to squeeze them hard enough so they can let out the water. if i had one of those journals it would read i am grateful for my mother she has raise me to be the gentle man i am today i am grateful for my athlectic ability i am grateful for my girlfriend with out her i wounldnt be complete she and my mom are the two most important people in my life by far it takes a boy to want to do right but it takes a man to accept the responsibility and with out my mom and girlfriend expecting the very best i dont think i would of matured so much in so little time thats why im grateful

Brit =] said...

I do agree that a gratitude journal would be an amazing idea, but unfortunatly most people don't have the time for it. But each and everyday im grateful for many things. Most importantly i'm grateful for my loving caring parents. They strive to do their very best for their children to help them, teach them, and give them the most the can. Im grateful for my two older sisters who have been there for me no matter what. Through thick and thin I can always count on them. Im grateful for my family who have all helped me become what I am today. Im grateful for many things being free, being able to go to school to become educated. I could go on forever.

Athena Smith said...

Let me add what I am NOT grateful for.
I am not grateful for the text messaging mania that has led so many good, smart, competent students to write without periods, commas,capital letters etc.

JrSwiFEY said...

I personally do not like journals becasue I just dont have the time to sit down and write about my day and what im grateful for. I rather tell people in words or tell myself why I am grateful for the things that I have in my life. God has truly blessed me in life and sometimes I can admit that i can't really see all the things he has done for me because I am so determined on getting my own and getting to the next stage in my life as quickly as possible, and I'm starting to realize that it doesn't happen over night and that i have to wait ptiently because if i continue to try to rush things i will never end uo where i truly want to be in the way that I expect it to be. I just turned twenty on the 5th of this month and so I am still young and have all my life to live, i am just somewhat of a perfectgionist who is always trying to find the easy way out or a quick route. I am blessed to have both of my parents in my life that I live with who pay for my tuition, and everything else in life, i dont have to want for anything and I dont know too many normal twenty year olds who have it made like I do, but at the same time i want to be my own woman now and be independent to say that i have accomplished something, Im just tired of depending on other people.

Nurse73 said...

As a person, showing gratitude in general should be a daily ritual we should adhere to. Giving thanks for the life we lead and the person we've become should be attributed to having a place on this earth. Believing in God and having faith in his belief is an important factor for me and I give my gratitude to him.

I always give my gratitude for several reasons:
* Having a place in this beautiful world.
* Being the person that I am today because of a strong net family and strong social morals and etiquette.
* Being blessed and happy in my life because I feel my future is rewarding and fruitful.
* I give thanks for having such a beautiful family and the close net people around me that genuinely care.
* Lastly, I give gratitude to the people that I will meet because the different walks of life is what reflects us to evolve more as human beings. The sharing, learning, and absorbing of others in a positive and intellectual way.

BearsAreNaturesLions said...

I like the idea of a gratitude journal, or even random little notes of things you are grateful for. I find my day is always more pleasant when I pray with a spirit of gratitude and humility, first thing in the morning.

I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful to Jesus Christ. I am grateful to live in America.

Cesc_03 said...

Learn from the past, Live by the moment, and plan your FUTURE!!

Yes, keeping a gratitude journal is definetly a great source to keep ourselves going in everyday life. They always say if you think you are this and that, then you really are. Only us can help ourselves to be positive or negatvie in life. Writing a journal will help us to remind ourselves about the positive things we experience. On the other hand, it is also a good idea to write down the negative attitude we think we have, by doing this, we can analyze the things we can do to improve ourselves and be a better person.

I'm grateful because I am alive. Thats all!

mdns7 said...

I honestly dont think a grattitude log is a bad idea. I think it could keep a healthy perspective on your life. I'm thankful for alot things that i feel i dont outright deserve but i appreciate them none the less. I'm thankful for the people i love and that they love me back. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be able to learn about things to enrich my own life and make a difference wherever i go. For me personally im greatful for these things, they help me get out of bed in the morning and keep me motivated and working to achieve what i want out of life.

ghandi G said...

A gratitude journal would be a nice thing to do if we had the time to do it. We all have very busy lives but i'm sure we can time an hour to make a gratitude journal. It sounds like a wonderful thing and should really help us. If we write down how we feel it is a great learn new things about ourselves. We will be able to learn new things about life and it will make it easier for us to change. Writing a gratitude journal will also tremendously help us be thankful for what we have in our lives and we can appreciate the good things happening in our lives when we write it down and read it. Not every one is able to write a gratitude journal because they think it will not help or they don't have the time to write one, but writing a gratitude journal will surely help one appreciate his or her life a little bit more. I am grateful for many things but i am really grateful for having great parents who support me the whole way and I know will take care of me my entire life. There are so many things i can write that i am thankful for and writing a gratitude journal would be a great way to write all of it down

Xx Human Rights xX said...

Back to you. Do you think that keeping a "gratitude journal" makes any sense or is gratitude an overated feeling? If you were to make a few mental entries of things you are grateful for, what would they be?

A gratitude journal is a good idea and I can see a mental-medical benefit. A person who is grateful is likely positive and optimistic. Those people are likely to see the glass as half full. It has been documented through the use of placebo, that people who think healthy, in many cases, become healthy. In addition, have we not all made a pros and cons list? How often do we surprise ourselves with how well off we actually are? Now if I could make a short list of all the things I am grateful for, it would be:

1. My beautiful mother
2. My supportive family
3. My dependable, loyal friends
4. My education
5. My determination
6. My adaptability
7. My charm
8. My life
9. My health
10. My goals

Krys said...

I believe that keeping a gratitude journal is something that everyone should do as part of their everyday activities. I am a firm believer in by being grateful and staying grateful you will feel better about yourself and you will be healthier. There was a time when I resented what someone did to me and I hated what that person did so much that I actually became very ill and it was not until I stopped thinking about it did I start to feel better. I think a lot of people take what they have in their life for granite and it’s not until it’s taken away from them do they realize how good they actually really had it. I am grateful for my supportive/loving family and friends. I am grateful for the opportunity to get a good education and become something great. I am grateful for the hardships my family had to do through to help to become who I am today and get me this far in my life. And most of all I grateful for the opportunity to live.

omaya said...

I think a gratitude journal is a great idea. It will remind you of all the good and wonderful memories you shared with the people you love. Also, it will make you charish every memory and make you want to get back together with those you have fun with..basically keep in touch. Im grateful for many things, especially for my family and friends. Im also grateful for my good health, life in general and for my good surroundings.

XblackXbutterfly said...

Personally, I think a gratitude journal is an okay idea. Only reason why it would be an "okay" idea is because so many people are grateful for so many things. It might take tons of notebooks if it were to be done on paper, to actually get all things you are grateful for down. If it were online, things might be much easier. Still I'm grateful for so many things that I can't begin to start writing. But one thing I'm mostly grateful for is my mother and my father, how they always support me no matter how bad I mess up. I'm grateful to wake up every morning and for the light I see everyday. There are so many things that could happen and I'm grateful that they don't. I'm grateful for the people in my life and having them help me realize how important I am not just to them but to myself.

There are so many things to be grateful for. For me to keep going would completely take up this page. haha, so I won't keep going. But I will say this. Keeping a journal about gratitude is alright but not everyone needs to write it down. Actions speak louder than words.

BadgeBunny said...

I think a gratitude journal is a great idea. I've kept a journal, off and on, since the 7th grade. It's interesting to go back and read what was going on in my life on this day however many years ago. Gratitude is overlooked. I think we take so many things for granted, we've become so spoiled, selfish, and inconsiderate that when you do cross paths with someone that's grateful it's a breath of fresh air. When I was a kid I spent a lot of time with my maternal great grandmother. Every morning when she woke up, she'd say, "I thank you Lord, for life, health and strength." As a kid I wondered why she said that but as an adult, I get it. I'm grateful for my life, although it hasn't been easy I know that everything happens for a reason. I'm grateful for a wonderful daughter, family and friends who accept and love me for me. I'm grateful for my health because I did have a recent breast cancer scare. I'm grateful for strength, both mental and physical, to make it thru the really hard days that make me sit on the edge of my bed and cry like a baby. Most importantly I'm grateful for a God who loves unconditionally and forgives, because I'm still a work in progress.

tara said...

I think that having a gratitude journal is a wonderful idea because personally i would love to look back at it after a while to remember the memories that I've shared with all the loved people around me. I am thankful for so much. I have so many great things in my life and if i had a speical book to look back at it all it would be a defint advantage. The things im mostly greatful about are my friends and family they are truely my number one priority that and school of course.

DenverBroncos8 said...

Having a gratitude journal would be a great idea. We as Americans have so much to be greatful for that we take for granted. Like our freedom, that is something that alot of other countries don't have. We can choose what we want to be, what religion we want to believe,where we go to school and we even choose our own government officials. These are just a few of our basic freedoms that other countries like Cuba could'nt even dream of having. I'm personally thankful for my family, my friends and for all that God has done in my life. If everyone kept a journal like were talking about everyone would realise that they have to much to be thankful for that they wouldnt even remember what their unhappy about on a daily basis. I believe that peoples outlooks on life would be better, people would be kinder to one another and the world would be a better place to live.

ijoz said...

A gratitude journal would be something I, along with many others, would like to have. Unfortunately, between school, work, and extracurricular activities I wouldn’t be able to find the time in my busy day to sit and write down the good things that went on that day. The main reason why I believe that a gratitude journal would be great to have is because too many of us focus on the negative or the bad things that happen in or life. With this journal we would be able to relive those gratifying past experiences. Seeing as how technology is advancing ever so quickly less and less people resort to writing and turn to cameras and camcorders to capture the moment for them. But if I were to make an entry it would go a little something like this…
The experiences in life I have had I will not regret for I know they have served a purpose whatever they may have been. The friends I have acquired are the best ones that anyone could ask for. The love that is always expressed throughout my family is so abundant that it will forever quench my thirst and they are what motivate me. My talents are not mine, they are simply tools that you have instilled me with to do your will and for that I am always grateful. Everything that I have is because of you O Lord and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

Wan said...

I definitely agree with keeping a gratitude journal. Writing your thoughts helps you remember what you were feeling at the time and also reminds you of all the troubles you have been able to overcome all odds. Gratitude is not overrated anyone who says it is a fool. Gratitude always makes sense, in my opinion it makes you down to earth pretty much human. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for my schooling. I am grateful for the real friends that I have. I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful to have pets. I am grateful for being able to eat everyday. I am grateful for physical relations. I am grateful for the creation of the female gender. Even though they are weird. Many people don’t have a mother to look up to or even have one to turn to. I would be grateful for my friends they’re always there when I need them. I would be grateful for my education and opportunity to further my education. Regardless of how bad you think you have it, someone's always got it worse.

China said...

Yes, I thing keeping a gratitude journal makes plenty of sense. The only thing I would face is remembering to write everything I feel. Other than that the journal record keeping will allow me to see what trials I face on a daily bases, and what I need to work on to succeed in life.

The mental entries I’m grateful for are thinking God for blessing me with an awesome mother and father, that taught me the dos and don’t of growing up in life. Which help me to notice how valuable life is, assist me to notice how blessed I am. When there are other countries that are not as blessed with a placed to live, food on the table and as simple as someone to show they love.

Rae Rae said...

I think having a gratitude journal is a great idea. There are so many things that I am greatful for and I dont get the chance to express them because I either forget or am too occupied by lifes stessors. Only if I had time to write down everything thing I am greatful for.. I am greaful for being able to grow up in a family who loves me and takes care of me, no matter my faults, keeping a roof over my head and feeding me. I am very thankful for my mimi who came down to florida for the winter, because she has been such a big help around the house and it was nice to have her here all the time.. I only get to see her once every 1-2 years. I am greatful for the freedom I have in america. Mostly I am thankful and greatful for God sending his only son to die on the cross for my sins, so I can be forgiven of all sins, and live eternally in heaven!

Athena Smith said...

I am not grateful for copying and pasting. :((

skywritter54 said...

Well, the idea of a gratitude journal is a nice idea but I don’t’ think it’s a practical one. I don’t have the time to stop and write down everything I’m grateful full. If I did start a gratitude journal, first of all, I could fill up the journal in less than a week.
Really. That’s how many things I have that I am grateful for. But I don’t need to write these things down, I carry them in my heart and I thank God daily for what I have.
I’ll give you a few items just for this Blog. I’m grateful to be alive, healthy and in my right mind. I give much thanks for this because I have been in numerous situations where I should have died a long, long time ago. I’m grateful that I have had the opportunity to travel overseas in places that many will never be able to. I am grateful that I have a husband who loves me and shows me daily how much he cares. I’m grateful for my three kids and the fact that they also had the opportunity to experience things that most will never be able to. I am grateful for my last child because she nearly didn’t make it pass her first week.
I am grateful that me and my husband have been given what it takes to have everything we need and nearly everything we could want. Even in this trying time. I’m grateful for the fact that my kids have never been in trouble, never taken drugs and if they have had alcohol, it was nothing that would matter.
I am grateful that I am the type of person who persist in going after what I want. I am grateful for my sisters and brothers who I know will always be there for me.
I can go on and on and on. But I won’t. So you see, if I did keep a gratitude journal not only would I feel it up within a week, but more than likely I won’t be able to find it. (too much stuff and things are always getting misplaced in my house.)

lxndr.lns said...

I know that keeping a “gratitude journal” makes perfect sense. Everyday I feel sick because I don’t feel as if I have enough in my life, or if I’m good enough to be with these people. Then I see sad and sick people who are happy with just a place to sleep, and food to drink everyday. These aren’t just people in far away nations, but these are people right down the street living in regular homes. I do believe in the fact that gratitude releases stress, because one is feeling everything positive in their life soaking their soul at once. I’m proud and blessed that I’m strong enough to still be in school even though it is much easier to quit and get a job. I’m blessed that my body is fully functional, that I have a job to pay my bills, that I have a loving family that cares for me, that I have transportation, and that I am an intelligent young man that is funny and tries to make people smile even when I don’t want to.

Jonathan said...

I am grateful to have been ill, so to appreciate my current good health.

I am grateful to science and technology that made my therapy possible.

I am grateful to my intelligence that did not allow any religious dogma suffocate my thinking process.

I am grateful to Enlightenment
for putting an end to the Dark Ages.

I am grateful to evolution that advanced us from monkeys to intelligent, wise, inquisitive, ever-exploring human beings.

I am grateful to YOU. For how would I ever know my worth if it were not through you?

cashmere said...

Here is graditude 101.

My Mother had a plaque that hung in our kitchen and I saw it every single day...and when I was growing up, I hated it. It said:

I was angry because I had no shoes
Until I met a man who had no feet.

Now I made my own plaque for my house and I love it.

There will always be people richer than you and there will always be those poorer than you; learn to be happy where ever you are.

You can choose to be happy or you can choose to be unhappy. Each and every person has bad things happen to them in their life, the secret is to move forward; you will never be able to change the past. Who you are today and who you strive to become is what matters.

I am grateful for all the things I have each and every day. I am even grateful for the bad things; they made me stronger and I appreciate life more than ever. I "find" happiness; it's there if you stop and look!

Thanks for reading this.

Jn2 said...

Making a gratitude journal is an amazing idea because people will see what they have gone through in life.when you realised the things that you have accomplished in life,it makes you fills proud of yourself.First and famous,i must thank God for keeping me alive to see each blessed day.I was involved in a fatal accident last month,but the merciful Lord let me through.I don't know what i could have done without him.Also,i thank God for keeping my family espercially my Mum,friends save and alive.They have always been there for me espercially during diffficult moments and to my teachers,espercially Miss Smith,thank you for being there for us.You are the best.Nice having you as a teacher.

Styefn89 said...

I think keeping a "gratitude journal" makes a lot of sense! I highly recommend journaling in general. I've been doing it for years, and it really helps me to sort through my thoughts and feelings. It's also awesome to be able to look back to things that I wrote 5 years ago and see how much I've grown as a person and in the way I deal with problems.

What am I thankful for? Everything I'm thankful for can be summed up in one word - LOVE. I'd like to make a "shout out" to the One responsible.

Grand Creator of my life, You are so far and yet so near to me. Without You I am nothing, and with You I realize how extremely small I am...yet You are not untouchable as my little mind reasons You should be...I am not too tiny for you to notice, even though, logically, I am. You love me ridiculously. You pursue me in a way that makes no sense whatsoever. Why?

I mean, I have a hard time loving those who love me, let alone those who do things that hurt me. To You, I should be nothing more than a pest or disappointment...but You call me friend and beloved...

It's crazy! It makes no sense that the God of all the Universe would notice me, let alone LOVE me and want to be in a relationship with me.

But what would be even crazier is if I ignored your incomparable love and acceptance...
SoOoOo, I accept! I do! I want to go with You! I choose to leave this life of mine behind...please rescue me from the lies I've believed for so long and clothe me with your Truth, Love, and Forgiveness.

Forever Yours <3

Katusha said...

I have kept a personal journal since I was little. I like being able to look back at my past to see what silly things I've done and how I've grown from them. As I got older though I found myself only writing when Im mad or really upset and thats not something you want to look back at. Writing a grateful journal is a good way to have a positive outlook on life. Better than releasing chemicals in your body (stress).
I am grateful for Sir Walter coming into my life and being such an awesome puppy.
I am grateful for the I am grateful for my best friend and lover.
I am grateful for all the speed bumps in my journey.

trinity said...

Jonathan - excellent post :)



akm said...

I think the journal idea is good. This could help everybody see the good side of everything and become more appreciative of the things we have. If you learn to make mental notes on the blessings oyu have now you will better remember the good times and not the bad later in life, i think. Also this could help you see the flwas about yourself and want to change them. I makes oyu a better person. Im gratful everyday of what i have and who has helped me every step of the way. Im gratful for my supportive family, my friends that always are ther for me, my brother who is my example,and my coworkers who always have the right advice when i need some.

sk1ttles3189 said...

I believe that having a gratitude journal is beneficial to each individual; it shows to the person what they have and should be appreciating. The idea grants personal growth and widens the view of what could have happened or what someone would like to happen. If each day we do this a better understanding of our daily life is shown. I am grateful for my family and what they provide for me. I am grateful for each day the sun shines. I am grateful that I have friends I can turn to whenever I need them. I am grateful for all the fortunes that I have receive throughout my life that have made me the person I am today.

lynk26 said...

Sure, if a gratitude journal helps you keep track of the things you're grateful for, then I think it's a great idea. Many people these days don't realize that our freedom has come at a great cost: the brave military men and women that sacrificed their life in war. Nowadays, it seems as if some people are just not grateful for the stuff that they have, and always continually want more and more. My mother once told me, "If you seek out materialistic happiness, you will find unquenchable satisfaction." She has a great point, because if you look throughout the history of men with power, they continually seek more power. But they are constantly living in fear of losing that power. The way I think about it is that whatever the situation is, it could be worse.

anonsyg said...

I feel that a gratitude "journal" is a good idea. The feeling of gratitude itself is wonderful, be it someone being grateful of something you did for them, or you grateful of something someone else did for you.

I am grateful to have the chance to make what i want of my life, no matter what.
I am grateful to live in a country that allows me to be whatever i want to be.
I am grateful for the great and terrible in my life, for without either i would not be the person i am today.
I am grateful for our countries ability to accept change, even if doing so with worry and concern.
I am grateful for the men and woman who serve our country, even with the harsh words of so many of their peers.
I am grateful for my friends, who are my family.
and lastly,
I am grateful for summer to be almost here!

thor177 said...

I believe that gratitude is very important in a person's attitude. I personally thank God every day in one way or another. I Thank God for everything he has given me, for everything he has taken away from me, and for everything he has left me. I do not write a gratitude journal, but I do realize how blessed I am. I have a job, a beautiful wife, wonderful grandchildren and my health. Even if someone does not believe in a higher power of some kind, he should realize every day that no matter how bad a day he is having, someone in this world is having an even worse day. There is nothing in this world that you could be going through that someone else hasn't gone through before, so don't think you are unique. Whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Honey said...

I think a gratitude journal is an excellent way to ease stress. I could write a list pages long of the things I'm grateful for. To begin I'm grateful for having life! Seriously, I'm thankful for the good things in life the bad things and everything in between. The good things that have made me happy and have given me insight to how I ought to be. I'm also grateful for the bad things that have happened in my life which have taught me very important life lessons. Most importantly I'm grateful for my family especially my little one, he teaches me new things everyday, and my friends. Without having people to share my life with, I don't know where I would be. Definitely thankful to have a job during these tough times, my own house, car, and possessions. And lastly I'm thankful to have the ability to pursue higher education.

jenninssonic300 said...

Gratitude I believe is very important as the reading said grateful are more optimistic and healthy. Due to the fact that they lack the stress that burdens the people who take what they have for granted and are always convinced that there is something better that they are missing. The concept of a gratitude journal is a great idea it would encourage people to slow down and actually reflect on what happened that day. It also could be something that could comfort you when you feel down and out you could look back and remember what’s important in life. My first entry would be of course my family and girlfriend they are always there no matter what comes up in my life I know I won’t be alone.

iPanda said...

I think that keeping a gratitude journal makes plenty of sense. I would believe that it helps keep people healthy because they are not too busy beating themselves up about what went wrong that day, and on a bad one they can always start off with "I am alive," or something to that effect.

Being grateful helped pull me through experiencing the loss of someone that was close to me, a couple years ago. It was one of the most painful things I have yet to endure, and I had never expected it coming. I think I had handled his death healthily, and instead of dwelling too much on how he could have been here, it helped me cope being grateful that he simply was. It had also brought back to light the frailty of life in general. It makes you thankful for a lot of things that are not assured to you, like your next breath.

If I were to make a list of things that I was grateful for, for the day, it would look something like this:
I am grateful that I woke up this morning.
I am grateful that I have the luxury of indecision when it comes to figuring out what I want to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
I am grateful that my little brother went to school today.
I am grateful that my dad's ex girlfriend had daughters, so now I get to babysit them twice a week. I am able to make a small amount of income since losing my job, and all of them are fun to be around and talk to.
I am grateful that I did not have to drive at night, because that means that I did not have to have some jerk driving around with their high beams shining in my rear view mirror or right on me (lol)!

And then list can keep going and going, but I assume you get the gist.

KSVL2404 said...

I think it is a great idea, to try and avoid past memories that brought you down and just learn from them, I feel if you right it down, that it is leaving your brain and now is one the journal, so less thoughts brewing in your mind. Lets see....
~ Im grateful for everyday of life for which im able to live.
~ Im grateful that Im in good health.
~ Im grateful that I still have a job, even with this tough economy.
~ Im grateful for the freedom i am granted everyday.

Master Mo said...

I think that a gratitude journal is a great idea. It's a good way to express your emotions. I used have a journal to write my thoughts and lesson in life. After reading this article, it makes me want to write in my journal again. I think gratitude journal is good way relive the memories in life, so we you live the world,you can share the with everyone. I am grateful for everything that has happen.All from the good times and bad times. I'm grateful for being school. I'm grateful that I have car. I'm grateful that I have friends. After this semester, I grateful for being in this class. It's been a pleasure blogging with you guys. Thank you

wissam said...

I think the gratitude journal is an absorbing topic. The topic if an absorbing it makes me cannot stop until I finish reading. My problem I thinking in my mother language than I try to explain my idea or translated to English. When I write I write whatever I feel. I look to any topic than I try to make it very interesting to get the reader attentions. Same thing when I read something if it didn't take my attention I stop. One more thing when I write I looking for who was will read my writing, if is young I try to keep my sentience short and sharp to through to young people, but if is old people I make my writing very specific and have more details.

RPWolf said...
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RPWolf said...

Its understood the better your life experiences, the better the health(less stress, anxiety, and sadness.) Better experiences come from the way you look at negative experiences. Expressing gratitude can help people realize the good things in life and its always better to think "yeah, life is good" than it is saying "life sucks, everything goes wrong."

People get so cooped up in their own little world that they dont realize the value of a dollar, a girlfriend, family, a strangers smile, and any small event or nice things people do. When we stop and look around you can appreciate where you stand and how you got there and the road you took to get there.

Writing down feelings and experiences in a journal can help release anxiety and be more grateful in retrospect. Also when you go back and read what you wrote you come to realize the true nature of that specific situation and compare the person you are now. It really helps.

There are alot things that im grateful for such as family, friends, past girlfriends and the opportunity to be able to expand my knowledge.

medina said...

Gratitude is very vital to every person, well to me. I believe that keeping a gratitude journal it’s a great idea for people that like keeping a journal, but personally I don’t feel that I have to keep a gratitude journal to keep track of all the things I’m grateful of. This idea can help the people that are always thinking negative; by tracking all the good events that had happen in your life can help the person think positive and can also help relief stress. I personally give thanks to god every day. Something that helps me be grateful for everything that happens in my life is by staying positive and accepting the things that happen.

BethK0119 said...

Being grateful? Of course we should! What kind of silly question is this? Imagine if no one in the world recognized you by saying thank you, everyone would become so bitter! I think a book may be a little excessive, but people need to recognize what others do for them and that they are grateful for it.

I am thankful for:
1. My wonderful parents. I wouldn’t be the person I am without them.
2. My intelligence. It has gotten me more places, than I could’ve ever imagined.
3. Love. Where would we be if we didn’t have people who cared about us?

***Pre-Med Chick*** said...

I actually think that keeping a gratitude journal is a pretty good idea. I think in some cases it actually helps to write down your feelings as sort of a venting process for the body. Honestly it would take more than a tablet to write what I'm grateful for, God has blessed me with so much in my lifetime, and he has always protected me, & has been the leader of my life. If I am grateful for anything it would be that because his grace has definitely endured in my life.
2. My parents
3. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have an education.
4. Grateful for my health, my life, my family, & my friends, I don't know where I'd be without them.
5. Anyone who has ever past through my life, encouraging, & helping with whatever problem I may have had & understood atleast part of MY LIFE!!!

mhernandez said...

I think keeping a gratitude log isnt necessary i dont need to write down how im feeling everyday because i know what im grateful for.Im grateful for my parents who didnt have much growing up but set a the best example for their kids,my brothers that help me everystep of the way and my girlfriend who always helps me stay positive.Overall im a very optimistic person who believes that good things will come to good people and i am grateful for every positive experience in my life

jranubis said...

As I type this comment on gratitude there are many things at play. I am sure someone is dying. I am sure someone has a disease that would not even be a question in this country due to our medical vaccinations and clean water supply. Someone is starving and/or someone is dehydrated. Someone is at a sense of hopelessness due to their lack of opportunity. I try to remind myself of this as much as possible.

I do have my own regrets in life....I have plenty. Although the key for me, and as hard as this is, is to not dwell in it too much. And, to use this regret to motivate myself to not again be reflecting on this time I have been given now, as I've regretfully reflected on my past before.

I feel the journal is a good idea. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on D-Day and Normandy Beach. If you are one that is easily gracious then it can reinforce that graciousness, and be something worth sharing with your friends and loved ones.

However I feel that gratitude is something that comes with perspective and compassion. Seeing what many other less fortunate individuals have to live through, and deal with, can give perspective. This is especially true when I, as an American, see the plight of so many of the third world. I feel sympathy, perhaps that's a better word, for their hardships and this gives me the perspective to be very grateful for my blessings. I don't know if this can be tought as it is such a visceral quality. I sure hope it can.

TeXasLuV said...

Keeping a jounal for gratitude would not be something i would be interested in going but would recommend it to somebody who is struggling and needs to see what they are all about. I'm not saying im not gratful for everything I have and life is easy for me, because its not. But I know well enough what I am truely gratful for and do not need to be reminded of all the struggle I have been through beacause I am over it and made it through. Being gratful does not have to be noted everytime a good dead is done. If you are proud and know what you did is right them good for you, no need to tell everyone because then you may change the way they feel about themselves. One should be grateful everyday for having life.

Edwin Kim said...

I think keeping a gratitude journal is a good idea. I personally write a journal myself but not a gratitude one. Most people take everything for granted not knowing how good we have in this country. I can say this since I have been to few 3rd world countries. Just like students taking notes in class, if we don’t write things down then we will forget. I think writing any type of journal will help to become a better person. If I were to name few things that I’m grateful for: my family, good friends, somewhat good health, no needs to suffer from hunger, etc. there are so many things that I’m grateful for, but if this blog didn’t give me an opportunity, then I probably didn't spend time to think about what I’m grateful for. Thank you Dr. Smith.

lubna said...

In the name of God, the most Beneficient, and the most Merciful. Plentiful, noble and blessed gratitude to God, enough gratitude to fill the heavens and the earth, and whatever else that is unattainable but that God wills.(Surah 8, Verse 26) Quran. I am thank ful for every thing I have. For instance, my health, my kids, my loving husband. Because in this world there are many people who are unfortune, so I always try my best to being very grateful of God.I always think positive and try to think what ever I have is plenty for me. I pray, and pray for others; at the last, all I want to say that when I wake up in the morning I thanks God that I have another day to live because we don't know how and when we will die, so I believe, Gratitude is the greatest way to live for all mankind.

DaLaTiNaChIcKa89 said...

I think that a gratitude journal is a great idea. I remember when I was younger I would write in a little notepad on Christmas how grateful I was to have my family and have all the gifts I received that day. There are a lot of people who take things and people for granted and never know what they really had til it's gone. I am so grateful for my family even though we all have our differences but that's with basically any family. But they have always been there for me when I needed them. I am grateful for my brother who is the most amazing person I know despite the fact he needs to grow up a little bit but he has a big heart and wants the best for everybody. I am grateful for having my friends that I have even though they are all the way up in Jersey but they are still a phone call away. They have always been there when I needed them and always let me cry to them or go to there house when I couldn't stand to be home. Without them I truly would not know where I would be. I am grateful for everything I have in my life and there is no point to be negative, or at least be negative for a long time because then you miss out on the good things in life.

Lil Bitty said...

A gratitude journal is a great idea, but for the majority of us who barely have time to get our required blogs and other homework done it is just going to be wishful thinking. When people say things happen for a reason and its all in God's plan why he does things it makes me wonder because I have had so many wrongs and unjustice things happen to me, but I relaized that if all I do is think about those horrible things than how could I ever enjoy something good? Forget the past because you can't undo it so I have tried to learn from it and my boyfriend has said that it has made me who I am today. I am so grateful to have him in my life and I thank God every day for doing that right for me because with my boyfriend who knows where I would be in life. My family who stands by my side with every decison I make, I am grateful for you too. And the very air I get to breathe I am grateful for so lets try to keep this air going and do a little part in recycling and conserving.

IndianGoddess6922 said...

I strongly believe that keeping a gratitude journal makes sense. In this fast-paced and hectic lifestyle that many of us live, I think a mental journal would make more sense though. Being grateful is not overrated, when an individual expresses gratitude, not only does that individual feel happier but the lives of others are brighten because they are associating with someone that is cheerful and joyous. Happiness usually eases stress which will lead to a healthier lifestyle and a longer life. Life is a blessing to us, we should be incredibly grateful for every moment of our life.

~~I am most grateful for having such an amazing, wonderful and magnificent God to serve, to be protected, guided and taught by.
~~I am grateful for being generously blessed with my nuclear family that I love very much. My parents have laid the foundation for my life, and have made endless sacrifices for me so that I may earn an education and lead a life that will glorify God. My older brother is like a guiding light in my life, he is my best friend, my advisor and my never-ending source of pride. He is everything to me.
~~I am grateful for having the ability to go to school and earn an education. This is a privilege that I greatly cherish. It is one thing to have academic resources available to you, but it is another thing to have a burning desire to utilize those resources which will lay the path before me so that I may lead a successful and fulfilled life.
~~I am grateful for my closest friends; they are the support that holds me up in the harder times, and the happiness that rejoices with me in the better times. They are the eyes that are always watching out for me, the ears that are always listening, the voice that always calms my heart, and the arms that are always open (S.C.S., D.E.V., J.T.O., C.R., M.H.H., S.S., D.B., and H.L., I love you and will always be thankful for all that you have done for me).
~~I am grateful for health and technology, innovations and history, wisdom and guidance, patience and humility, faith and beliefs, as well as intelligence and ignorance (without ignorance we would know everything and not have a need to be edified).
~~I am grateful for the simplest things like the air we breathe, the ground that we walk on, the clothes to wear, food to eat, and water to drink. If we take just a few seconds during our day to pull ourselves away from everything that is going on in this hectic life and just appreciate the simplest thing, our day would be so much brighter.
~~I am grateful for life and everything that comprises what life and living is. I am truly blessed and grateful because I am a Christian, Daughter, Sister, Student, Friend, and an Individual in this amazing society.

TheSoulEater said...

The gratitude journal strikes me as an amazing idea. I think people tend to forget just how many fantastic things surround us every day. What a miracle it is just be be alive.

I mean, when you're conceived, a thousand million sperm compete for just one egg. And if even just one beat you to the punch, you'd have been a completely different person. Multiply those impossible odds by countless generations, by the odds of your ancestors even meeting, siring this particular son, that precise daughter.

The odds of you even being here are beyond comprehension. It's literally a miracle. And the world is full of miracles, from each and every person to each and every school to each and every TV, cell phone, computer, book, radio car -- everything!

Miracles surround us, constantly. So much that they become almost commonplace, and we forget to appreciate them. So, what am I grateful for? Well, that's easy.

I'm thankful for my family, who raised me so well.

I'm thankful for my friends, who've given me so many laughs.

I'm thankful for my school, which is downright amazing.

I'm thankful for my peers, even the ones I don't know so well, for being such a constant inspiration.

I'm thankful for my TV, my radio, and my computer, which connect me to a world so much bigger than my eyes can see.

I'm thankful for my phone, my computer, and my webcam, which connect me to the people I love, constantly.

I'm thankful for my food, which keeps me so full and so strong.

I'm thankful for music, and its pounding beat in my heart.

I'm thankful for art, and the way it's consumed me so.

But most of all, I'm thankful for my angel. My hero. My light, my life, and my muse. My soon-to-be-finance, Kate.

I am...truly blessed.

dr123 said...

Yes, gratitude is under-rated...I think that there are too many people that take what they have for granted. The technology that makes a sick person well down to the clean water that we drink. I, myself, have not ever written down what I was grateful for, but I think that it is a great idea! A reflective glance every now and again cannot hurt. It might just put some things into perspective. Things like, how lucky I am to live in the great country like the U.S., or how lucky I am that I have a roof over my head and am not hungry...Gratitude, I like it!

M314J said...

In this day and age you don't see gratitude very much in people. I think thats sad. I think no matter what bad situation I may be in, it could be worst. It eventually gets better because I get over it. I like the idea of a gratitude journal, its different. Instead of writing down what bads things happened to you in a regular journal, you could write down things you could feels good about. The only probelm I would have with that if forgetting to write in it. I will definitley try the mental notes at night. I do them during the day, if I see someone less forturate then me. As bad I feel for people in worst conditions then me, I try to stay strong for them.
I'm grateful for my family. My mother and younger brother and my other family thats far away from me. I'm grateful for my health. I'm grateful we have food every morning, noon, and night. I'm grateful we have clean water. I think I take the clean water for advantage sometimes but I'm working on that. I'm grateful to be back in school. I'm grateful for my fulltime job, even though it can become annoying...I'm grateful for having a good life!! : )

Athena Smith said...

In an era when the family institution is disintegrating, it is truly uplifting to see so many of you being grateful for those whom we live with.
And despite the fact that the majority of you submitted essays five minutes before midnight, it is great to read you are grateful for being in school.

ABroWnie said...

keeping a journal of the things you are greatful for seems like an interesting, yet good idea. It'll make you realize the things you take for granted, and it reminds you of the things you should be happy for.
I am greatful to be Polish, and to be able to be fluent in the polish language. That I can visit Europe and my family there. To be close to my culture and traditions.
I am greatful to have such a loving mother, my awesome generous good-hearted brother, and my stepfather who raised me since i was two and has helped my mother in life.
I am greatful to live in a middle income household, to be able to eat, sleep in a bed, and live under a roof.
I am greatful that my heart still beats, and that i am healthy and smart.
I am greatful for my friends, whom are the best anyone could ever have. For all the fun times weve had.
Im am greatful to be able to attend an educational institution, and to be able to get an education and learn. To have the opportunity to have a future, and to be successful.

*V@N3* said...

I think that keeping a gratitude journal is a great idea because it is easy to forget what we are greatful for in life and tend to focus on what is going wrong and why. I think that if I wrote a journal it would remind me of a lot of things that I am greatful for like the fact that I am alive. I am also greatful for my friends because I know they have my back and accept me for who I am. I am very thankful for the family that I was blessed with and for being able to have a roof over my head. The journal would also remind me that the past is the past and to remember all the good times that I have had.

Sly2 said...

A gratitude journal is a great idea. When i was younger in grade school we always had to write how our weekend went. Or around thanksgiving we would write what we was grateful for. Having a journal is not for everybody. Overall writing a journal can be a stress reliever.So if i had to write something I was grateful for it would have to be life. I'm blessed just to wake up every morning.

Quagmire813 said...

Whats up people? Ive been gone for a few weeks and being out in the middle of nowhere helps bring back gratitude to your attitudes. The preference on keeping a journey though is up to the person. As for me, my military uniform is my journal per say. Somethimes we forget things we need to be gracious for. People tend to forget sometimes and a little reminder can help. I am grateful for the red, white and blue. I am gratful for my wife. I am gratful for my unit and those who have served befor me.

Alex370000 said...

Gratitude is a great idea. People need to realize they lucky for things most people in the world dont have. If people were gratefull for the small things peoples attitude for greed about money would change. They would accept not making 6 - 10 milliom instead of less. My journal would start with me being grateful for life. Life isn't something you can earn. It just happens, people take this for granted everyday instead of doing good they do evil. My journal would discuse how grateful im for my family and friends as i believe i have the best family i could ever ask for. My things, such as a car, to a sock would be mention every small thing would be mentioned. Not everyone has a priviledged life as we do in the states. People need to realize this and be gratefull.

Athena Smith said...

Welcome back!

jeremyhxc said...

The gratitude journal is a really good idea. In this time and day when lower class is rising, we should be grateful that we are living life and are witnessing history. We should have a gratitude journal so people wouldn't have to hide there emotions, fear, etc. We as a society should feel gratitude that we can access the internet to explore anything possible. Also having a communication device (cell phone) to call anyone just in case or for anything. Finally, experiencing the future growing into us and seeing changes in our society. I am grateful for having a talent of drawing such cool things. I have been drawing all my life and now I am at the point were I could sell my artworks and I would display my art for all to witness. I am also grateful for having such an amazing family. Everybody in my family are helpful to one another in these hard times. We also party and love each other especially my mother which has helped me all my life. Without her I wouldn't be who I am now. I am grateful for having a other half, which is my girlfriend. She is pretty much my partner in life and the love of my life. She is a model, financially well, ranked sharpshooter last year in Hillsbrough county, and is beautiful. Overall she is mine! (laughing) I am finally grateful of just living life. I have experienced so much in my life and I have no regrets. I have made my mistakes and have seen the worse. I have learned that it is life and we choose to make it good, bad, or just ugly. I wouldn't know how you would make it ugly but there are ways.. Even though I constantly stress at the hardships of life, I know that I would be experiencing changes and would witness society change and the future start. Live life the way you want to and just be grateful that you are here.

smmy589 said...

I feel that a journal would be a great idea, there are many things in my life that i am greatful. My parents have worked so hard my whole life to give me everything i needed, my friends that have always been there for me.

Anonymous said...

I believe that gratitude is an essential emotion that has to be part in a human life. I believe that gratitude makes people fight sadness and also helps a person’s motivation to become better or maintain something in a good condition. I agree that a gratitude feeling can fight or help a person who is going through depression. I believe that gratitude can also give someone a purpose in life. For example, I am very thankful to my parents with the effort they had put in this life to make me feel comfortable in life. This feeling motivates me to attain better grades.

mpierre said...

I think that a gratitude journal is a great idea. I wish I had the time to write down what I feel everyday.I have a million thoughts that go through my head.Sometimes when you write your feelings down it makes me you realize the things that you may want to change about yourself. It would help me better my self as a person.Every day I am grateful for everything.A few things I am grateful are: my family, my friends, my boyfriends, my dogs, my health. One thing I am especially grateful for is my job because not a lot of people have a job right now because of the economy.

JaneKennedy said...

Keeping a gratitude journal makes perfect sense. I have so much to be grateful for and Jesus is the reason for it all. Just to wake up each morning knowing that no one but God allowed me to see another day is more than enough to be grateful for. Although I am only twenty one years old, it would take more time than I can imagine to think of all that I am grateful for. I am most grateful that God gave his son to die on the cross for us all so that we might recieve the gift of salvation and live eternally with him. I am grateful that he saved me and washed me of my sins and filled me with the holy ghost. I am grateful for his grace and mercy that is renewed each morning. He continues to lead and guide me and bless with all that my heart desires even though I am undeserving of such gifts. I am most grateful that each day, my soul is overwhelmed with the joy of the Lord which allows his peace to be with me at all times as his angels encamp around me.

Anonymous said...

Positive energy and gratitude in my opinion are directly related to success and happiness. When one is able to be grateful as well as thank others, they are able to achieve stability when it comes to relationships, something that will also contribute to joy. We all have things to be thankful for, and when you do not show gratitude towards people who deserve it, you begin to take things for granted. When you show appreciation, you will realize that there are many people and things around you that contribute to who you are as well as your status in life. You begin to see how those who love you take part in your life and how they have helped sculpt you into who you are today. Keeping a journal would be a great idea, because when you start recording and taking into account all the things you have to be grateful for, you will realize that things could be much worse and that you should be thankful for what you have.

1. I'm grateful for my family
2.I'm grateful for my friends
3. I'm grateful to have God influence my life
4. I'm grateful to have lived overseas and experienced different cultures

Athena Smith said...

PLease take the time to read this.
It was the personal blog of Miles Levin, a young cancer patient who eventually lost his battle. If you don't want to read it, here is his conclusion:

I accept what is to come, but I cannot rid myself of a deep mourning for all those experiences -- college, marriage, children, grandchildren -- that will probably never be mine to celebrate. What solace I do find is in the knowledge that I have done everything I can to transmute this terribleness into something positive by showing as many people as I can how to endure it with a smile.

I don't believe you can ask for any more, but if I could ask for something, it would be to be able to go outside into the glorious spring air, feeling healthy and blissfully clueless as to how lucky I was for it, if only just for an hour.

Ms.Krissy said...

I truly believe that gratitude journal is an awesome idea because it can bring to light what really is important and what motivates you everyday. Sometimes we may take things for granted and not realize how good we actually have it. But being able to write things down and make them clear would even give us a clearer mind to think and react. Sometimes not just writing down what we are grateful can be good but also what we do not like can be a good idea as well so that we could work on them, sort of like making an d achieving goals. I do wish I had the time to write down these things everyday, but one thing I know is that I do not take having a great life for granted. I appreciate everything that has been done for me and also what I can do for others is a motivation for me everyday....

lyn said...

I think the Gratitude Journal is a stupid idea for me for others maybe its the best thing for them. I don't need to make a journal to say what I'm grateful for. I might not tell my little sister I'm grateful that she is my sister and alive even though she is a pain in the butt. I also don't need to right it down because i already know. We all know what were grateful for or don't want to acknowledge what they are grateful for. Why do you need to write it down, why do you need to let other people know what your grateful for.

If i write want I'm grateful for then it will say this:
I am grateful for this life that we all have and share to learn the past, live in the present, and look forward to the future lives that will learn the past and live in their present, and so on, so on.

NaniShauna said...

I believe that keeping a gratitude journal would be a great idea. Personally, it would help me to look back and remember everything that I am thankful for. It may also help people in their time of need. If a person gets off track with their life and starts to feel down about everything they don't have, a journal may help them to remember everything they do have. I am 24 years old and I have ALOT to be thankful for. I am thankful that have 2 parents that never gave up on me even when I didn't deserve it, they always had my back. I have always known that no matter what, I can always look to my parents for guidance. They have supported me and my lifestyle. I know that it isn't easy to have a gay child but they have never made me feel different nor have they ever treated me any different. I am also thankful that I have such a great relationship with my younger sister. She is awesome and I wouldnt trade her for anything in this world. She is and always has been there for me through thick and thin as I have been there for her. I am also greatful for myself. I like who I have become. Yes, I did stupid things growing up but it's not about what you did; it's about who you are. I'm not as far along as I would have liked to be but "good things come to those who wait." ;-) I am very thankful that my grandmother has gone through the whole set of chemo with no detrimental complications. Finally, I am thankful to have such dedicated and knowledgeable professors such as Athena. And no, I am not a suck-up. ;-) I mean it. Thank you for being so understanding this semester. I am thankful for alot more, but I don't have enough time to type it all out. ;-)

Sabrina said...

I think that one should keep a journal and write down five things everyday that they are grateful for. I do not just feel grateful on any particular day. I am grateful everyday of my life. I have had days when I looked outside and have found many things to be grateful for;while on the other hand, I have had days when I had to really work hard to find it. I am grateful that I have a job when so many others aren't as fortunate. Today is my daughter's birthday, and I am every so grateful, that I was able to spend quality time with her today.I am grateful that I have been able to overcome obstacles in my life and moved forward. This helped me to come to the realization that no matter how bleak a situation is, it is still worthy of gratitude. I am grateful that I am healthy and able to fight another day. Finally, I am grateful that I have a loving and supportive husband, who has made it possible for me to return to college to continue my Nursing career.

dwendland said...

A Journal seems to be a good idea and if I were to make one some of the things on it would be, My Wife, My new son, My Parents for allowing us to live with them, etc... I didn't take the time to read the whole article, so if I'm duplicating something that was written or someone else has said I apologize in advance. The things we're grateful for are all things that during the thanksgiving holiday people think about more. I don't know about you all but during that time of year a good majority of people I come across seem to have a better attitude of life around them, and I don't think it’s just because Christmas is around the corner. However, making a journal for every day would just get tedious, people would start to get complacent and relies a large portion of their gratitude is for the same things almost every day. After that the journal would get put away until whenever the next time they might need to be used. I try to keep a positive mindset and reflect on things once a week or month if the week wasn’t very stressful. This permits me to keep a grip on what is going on around me while still allowing me to reflect on past or present things that I will continuously need to be thankful for until certain life aspects change. (As we all know inevitably does.)

Kimberlee said...

I think a graditude journal is great idea! i think this should be used as a tool for those who suffere from deppression.

I have laways been the type of person that is grateful for what ever comes my way, good and bad. I have realized for some time that being grateful for all tyhings has helped me get through stressfull points in my life. I have lost a business that i had for 20 + years, but it opened new doors for me. I lost a marraige of 20 years, but i have no regrets.

Time goes on forever, but we don't. We are all here on this earth on borrowed, so we should be grateful for every moment we have here and everything that surrounds us good or bad.

Ive have observed that happy people are those that can enjoy the simple things in life.

Athena Smith said...

Many of you gave it your best. Borrowed time Kim?
Probably yes. As Miles Levin wrote, every breath we take is a bonus. We never did anything to deserve it.
As for the simple things in life that bring happiness, again correct. I strongly recommend reading "The God of Small Things" by Indian author Arundhati Roy. It's about small things that build up, and shape people's behavior and lives. It won won the Booker Prize in 1997.

TOOTIE said...

Keeping a gratitude journal makes plenty of sense to me. As a matter of fact a journal of any type of encouragement helps you to remember and appreciate your thoughts or accomplishments. Right now I have one journal , it’s a journal I write my mood and what I do everyday as a workout routine , along with my intake of foods. This kind of journal helps me to be healthier in it reminds me if I falling off and what to do to pick up again. So a gratitude journal would be excellent, and the people who feel like gratitude is a overrated feeling, is the ones who haven’t done enough good in there life to received gratitude from others so they don’t know the wonderful feeling behind it. If I had a few gratitude entries it would go like this …. I’m grateful for such a honest down to earth family who keeps me humble and sincere because of there honesty, I’m grateful for my fate in GOD because my life has meaning to do what’s right instead of letting MAN control our life the wrong way. and last I’m grateful for my mother in my life who made me independent and strong therefore as a women I’m very much contempt with myself not needing to accept anything in order to feel I have something.

Nadia said...

I agree with keeping a gratitude journal. If everyone writes down things they are grateful for then they would see life in a different way. Everyone always complains about what they dont have but have you ever thought about all the things you do have? Having a journal will remind everyone of what they do have. I am grateful for my family, friends and pet. I am grateful that I have a oppurtunity to get an eductaion and be something in life. I am thankful for living. There going to be bad things in life and good things but the good always makes up for the bad. When one door closes another opens.

ETERNITY said...

I think a gratitude journal is a fabulous idea. So many times we fail in thinking that nothing ever goes our way. We are constantly attacked with negative thoughts that bring us down and cause us to forget the good times and the blessings. We are all too fortunate to even having the opportunity in being able to attain an education. Yet most of the time we complain and set school on the bottom of our list. We are also blessed with our freedom. Living in the United States is an honor that we always take for granted. I thank God for all he has given me. Life is a gift. We must treasure it and take time to enjoy every minute of it.

Nydia said...

I think keeping a journal of gratitude makes plenty of sense. For one you can always go back and read those when things aren’t going so well. So many people take the smallest things for granted. I am grateful everyday for so many things. The first thing I am grateful for everyday is that me and my family are still alive and that I haven’t lost anyone close to me. I am grateful for my children and their health. I’m grateful for my mother, my two wonderful sisters and my only brother. I’m grateful to be in school and have the knowledge that I do have. Many thanks to my professors. I’m grateful to have a roof over my head as well as being able to provide for my family and be able to put food on the table. I can go on and on but I think I’ve made my point.